September 08, 2020

Woman Tells off Her Coworker after She Tried to Scam Her

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A woman took to Reddit to narrate her confrontation with a female coworker whom she said harsh words to because the latter tried to scam her. 

A female Reddit user took to the platform seeking other users’ opinions about her encounter with a coworker. The woman explained that she worked two jobs and was late for her overnight job by 25 minutes. 

This was because she forgot to charge her phone, causing it to run out of battery life. Hence, her alarm did not sound, making her oversleep. 

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Being the type of job where she would have to relieve someone on duty meant that she kept a coworker waiting for longer. When the woman eventually got to work, she apologized to her coworker, a female, and got straight to work. 

However, her colleague did not respond to her apologies. She kept a straight face and only said something under her breath on her way home. 

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Thirty minutes after her colleague left, the woman received a text from her. In the text, the embittered coworker accused her of being irresponsible, blaming her for paying an extra hour for her babysitter.

Again, the woman apologized, offering to pay for the extra hour. She asked her colleague for the amount. The coworker said it was $60, a price the woman considered to be ridiculous. 

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Being a single mother with full custody and also needing to pay for a babysitter’s services, she had an idea of what the price per hour should be. She also knew her coworker’s babysitter. 

The woman walked to the babysitter and asked how much her bill per hour was. The babysitter revealed that she had already been paid for two extra hours and that the woman’s coworker even asked for additional time to stop by at the store. 

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When the woman saw her coworker again, she told her off in front of their other coworkers, calling her names. Her coworker asked that she still pay for one of the hours, but she refused, telling her off. 

The other woman began to cry and left the premises. When the woman calmed down, she realized she might have acted harshly and felt terrible. Other coworkers also said she was right to feel cheated, but noted that she was too harsh. 

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Many of the respondents to the woman’s story shared similar sentiments with her coworkers, telling her that she should have acted differently even though she was right.

Others asked her to apologize to her colleague for the harsh words. They, however, maintained that her coworker tried to take advantage of her, which was wrong.

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In an afternote, the woman revealed that she apologized to her colleague via text and that she understood they were both wrong. She also thanked Reddit users for taking their time to comment on her post. 

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