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Chrisley Family Recalls Their Favorite Moments from Season 8 of 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Bettina Dizon
Sep 13, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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The Chrisley’s revealed their favorite moments from Season 8, including Todd’s fight with his in-law and overreacting from his daughter’s lice.


The Chrisley family has made a name for themselves in reality television, having reached eight seasons on the air.

Recently, each family member shared their most unforgettable moments from the show’s eighth season, and most of them included Todd Chrisley and his mom.

(L-R) Faye Chrisley, Lindsie Chrisley Campbell, Grayson Chrisley, Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley smile for a Season 4 family portrait. | Source: Getty Images



Siblings Savannah and Chase both loved moments with their Nanny included. Todd’s daughter claimed her favorite was when her grandmother said she’s the “baddest [expletive]” while his son’s was when she went speed dating.

Todd also had his mother included in his favorite moment, which was when she “thought she was gonna win a hummer.” He even encouraged fans to watch the episode as it was “hilarious.”

On the other hand, Julie Chrisley’s best moment was when her father and husband fought each other during a family visit. Greyson also had his dad in his favorite moment, citing the time the family patriarch “tried to keep Chloe from getting lice.”


Todd Chrisley smiles on "Chrisley Knows Best" Episode 807. | Source: Getty Images


Season 8 premiered in July, after a year full of scandals for the reality family, including tax evasion and fraud charges, and a sex tape blackmail.


In the photo, the siblings stood beside the horse and smiled at Chloe, while she stood in front, leaning against the horse’s head.

The show still featured the Nashville family’s daily lives and included Savannah’s postponed wedding and Todd’s alleged illegal activities.



Todd was a successful man even before his family had their own reality series. He was a real estate mogul and a production company owner.

However, he was charged for tax evasion in recent years for failing to state income taxes in his area of residence, Georgie.

The Chrisley family patriarch denied the allegations and claimed he had residences in other states, including Florida, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Todd Chrisley visit Hallmark's "Home & Family" at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 18, 2018. | Source: Getty Images



The Chrisleys recently posted a photo of Savannah and Chase watching over their niece, Chloe, who went horseback riding.

In the photo, the siblings stood beside the horse and smiled at Chloe, while she stood in front, leaning against the horse’s head.

Chloe is Todd’s granddaughter from his eldest son, Kyle. He also has a grandson, Jackson, from his estranged daughter, Lindsie.