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Camille Winbush AKA Vanessa on 'The Bernie Mac Show' Stuns Lying in a Pool in Striped Swimsuit

Comfort Omovre
Sep 10, 2020
09:00 P.M.
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Camille Winbush, also known as Vanessa on "The Bernie Mac Show" stunned fans in a photo-post of her wearing a striped swimsuit while lying in a pool.


Camille Winbush caused a stir with her new Instagram post which showed her in a striped burnt orange swimsuit. She looked absolutely stunning.

The swimsuit flattered her body and her beautiful dark skin was on full display. Her face was free of makeup and her natural beauty shone through. A pair of dark shades shielded her eyes as she gave the camera a small smile.

Camille Winbush at the "There's No Place Like Home" 20th AnniverSoiree on November 5, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


There seemed to be a shade covering that part of the pool and the edges of the pool appeared to be laid with smooth brown wood. A beach chair, some potted plants, and a cute tree could be seen in the background.

The "Bernie Mac Show" star had her gorgeous black hair packed up in a ponytail. Her hands rested on the platform as a prop to hold her up while she posed for the photo. The caption read:

"Is this ? trap enough? I ate a lot of cheese so my angles are limited rn ?."


Winbush's fans raved over the photo and many referred to her as beautiful. A certain fan made a play on words. He said the photo was a trap, he was feeling trapped, and he didn't want to get out.

Others complimented her swimsuit while some asked for invites. Another fan told her that her body was perfect and not cheesy. Chocolate seemed to be the agreed term to describe her photo.

Bernie told her not to let stardom get in her head because "stars are in the sky and stars can fall."


Some fans also referred to her as Nessa (short form of "Vanessa") — the character she played in "The Bernie Mac Show" which aired in 2001

Nessa was the oldest of Mac's sister's children. He had to take care of them because their mom went into rehab. Nessa was the sassy one who gave Mac the most attitude.


Winbush reportedly shared the experience she had as a kid on set. The child star said she had to balance school work, filming, and gym. She added that it was a lot to deal with.

Winbush has featured in other projects, her next recurring role being in "The Secret Life of an American Teenager." She also works on a lot of voice-over projects.


The actress revealed that voice-over projects are easier than regular movies as she doesn't have to worry about hair and makeup. She also enjoys it because she can add her flavor to it.

Winbush has won NAACP Image Awards multiple times and the Young Star award. The best advice she has received in her career was from Bernie Mac. He told her not to let stardom get in her head because "stars are in the sky and stars can fall."