September 16, 2020

Check Out the Aretha Franklin Studio Mural That Jennifer Hudson Gifted Herself on Her Birthday

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Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson turned 39 years old on September 12 and gave herself an incredible birthday gift which paid tribute to the late R&B legend, Aretha Franklin.

On September 12, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson turned 39 years old and there was no better fitting gift than the one she gave herself. Revealing a stunning piece of art on Instagram, Hudson explained:

"My bday gift to myself for my 'Aretha Franklin vocal throne studio room' Aretha Franklin mural done by my favorite artist @menaceresa !"

Jennifer Hudson during the 2016 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 2, 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


Hudson's stunning art piece was a giant mural of the legendary singer and songwriter, Aretha Franklin who Hudson portrays in the upcoming biographical drama, "Respect."

Standing in front of the stunning mural of Franklin's ever-beautiful face was Hudson in a short, light-colored slip dress. Both incredible singers had their hair in their signature short style, radiating beauty at its finest.


Hudson also revealed that the walls of that room would honor all of her favorite legends and she had to start with Franklin. Her fans were swept away by her grand gesture as they praised her in their comments, some even pointing out the impressive resemblance between them.

Hudson will feature as Franklin in "Respect," the biographical drama that would chronicle the late icon's life.

Hudson paying tribute to the late Franklin is not an unfamiliar sight to her many fans. The two women's special relationship is a widely-known story that the younger singer never tires of sharing.


On August 16, exactly two years after Franklin passed away at the age of 76, Hudson paid homage to her idol with a heartfelt post on her Instagram. She shared an old photo of the late R&B legend and wrote a touching caption which read:

"Something tells me that you are walking around heaven singing all day. I know u got your mansion, far more than just standing room! Singing in the heavenly choir."


Hudson concluded, saying that she still could not believe that it had already been two years since the late singer had departed from the world. She truly missed hearing from Franklin.

Franklin reportedly died of advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type after struggling with the illness and her health for many years.

Hudson will feature as Franklin in "Respect," the biographical drama that would chronicle the late icon's life. "Respect" is expected to hit the theaters early in January 2021.


Both women are singers with an incredible story. Hudson knew the significance of portraying the spectacular story of Franklin's rise from her father's church choir to being an international superstar whose music transcended time and generations.

Hudson has huge shoes to step into and fill with this role, but with the evident reverence she has for Franklin, she's definitely going to do a great job at wowing fans away.