Teen Asks a Girl to Forgive Her for Bullying in Middle School

Jaimie-lee Prince
Sep 19, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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Most of us made mistakes when we were younger. One teen confessed to being a bully but was surprised when her victim did not forgive her when asked. She explained what happened. 


On Wednesday night, a teenage girl jumped on Reddit to determine whether she is wrong for telling her bullying victim she should forgive her two years after she stopped bullying her.

The girl is 17 and admits to being a horrible person during the first couple of years of high school. The girl said there was no reason why she bullied people and she is not proud of it.

High school senior with glasses poses with a smile | Photo: Pixabay



The girl described one student in particular whom she was especially mean to for her looks and mannerisms. She added that the student is "cool now." 

The girl and her former victim were recently assigned to do a project together. During a Facetime call, the now-cool student was acting unusual and giving the girl very short responses. 

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When the girl asked if she was ok, the former victim responded: "Working with you? Not really." The girl prodded, and her victim explained that she was still upset with her for the years of bullying. 


The girl was surprised that her former victim was still angry by her actions even when the latter explained she had been going through an eating disorder and had a difficult parent. The girl explained

"I said it's not like I could have known any of that, and it would be easier for her if she could just forgive me. She got angry, said 'you're still a [expletive] [expletive]' and hung up."


Girl in glasses poses with her arms crossed at her chest | Photo: Pixabay

With all that said, the girl wants to know if she was in the wrong for saying what she did. According to Reddit users, she definitely was. Not only did she not apologize, but she understated her lengthy bullying. 


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A few days ago, someone else wanted to know whether they did the right or wrong thing by refusing to support their parents financially after doing so for years. 


The poster, a man, explained that his 16-year-old brother came out to his parents as gay and the older couple decided to kick him out as a result. The man, a software engineer, is the primary breadwinner of the family. 

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He stuck to his brother's side and accepted him as he is. He strongly disagrees with his parents and so decided to move into a two-bedroom apartment with his younger brother. 

His parents and relatives are all very upset at him, especially for doing this during the pandemic. However, the man pointed out that the parents kicked out their teenage son during a pandemic, too.