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Kim Fields' Husband Shares a Recent & Old Photo of Their Sons Showing Their Brotherly Love

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Sep 27, 2020
11:00 A.M.
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Actress Kim Fields' husband, Christopher Morgan recently shared a heartwarming Instagram post consisting of an old and a recent photo highlighting their two sons' brotherly love.


On September 19, Christopher Morgan, the husband of actress Kim Fields, uploaded two photos of their sons taken from the same location but years apart. Sebastian and Quincy are seen looking up at something. 

The photos seem to have been snapped inside a museum with a replica of what appears to be a dinosaur's skeleton seen behind the siblings. In the old photo, little Quincy is strapped to a gray stroller.

"Living Single" star Kim Fields attends the 2003 Annual Essence Awards in Hollywood, California. | Photo: Getty Images


In the recent photo, Sebastian is seen putting his arm around his little brother as he directs the latter's attention to something above them. Both are much bigger in the second photo. 

Morgan, who has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram, could not help but gush over his children's love-filled brotherhood. He captioned his post:

"May the wonder, love and joy they share never end. Amen."


Fields and Morgan are deeply grateful for the wonderful blessings that are their children who came into their lives six years apart. Sebastian was six years old when the "Living Single" actress gave birth to Quincy on December 3, 2013.

The actress, who made a name for herself after starring on the hit 1980s television show "Facts of Life" had suffered two miscarriages in the past. 

The actress was stunned when the doctor confirmed she was two months pregnant.


Considering her past unsuccessful pregnancies, she had thought she and her husband would not have another baby after Sebastian. She was also nearing menopause so getting pregnant with Quincy came as a surprise.

She was 44 when she found out she was pregnant again following two miscarriages. At first, she thought only had the flu which she caught from her son who was also suffering from a stomach virus at the time. 

But her husband urged her to see a doctor because her condition seemed worse than their son's. The actress was stunned when the doctor confirmed she was two months pregnant.


Fields and Morgan have been constantly sharing updates about their family with their fans, often through social media posts that usually include funny moments with their adorable sons. 

Meanwhile, their eldest son appears to be following in his famous mother's footsteps. In November 2019, Fields revealed that she shot a scene with her eldest son for the 2019 holiday-themed film, "You Light Up My Christmas."


However, their scene together ended up getting cut from the final movie. In an interview with People, the actress confessed that the scene did not make it to the final cut because she appeared like a "creepy tree lady" in it.

Aside from acting, Fields has also ventured into directing and recently directed a film titled, "Baby Blue." The film tackles postpartum depression, a subject that Fields believes is not being talked about a lot.