September 23, 2020

Alicia Keys' Husband Swizz Beatz Sacrifices His Sleep for Workout with His Wife in Sweet Video

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Alicia Keys' husband is sacrificing sleep to work out with his wife and has shared the heartwarming video. Check it out now. 

A couple who works out together stays together, and for Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz, that seems to be the case. 

The pair have been married since 2010 after tying the knot at a Mediterranean location while the singer was expecting their first child together. 


Recently, Beatz shared a heartwarming video of himself and Keys working out at home and her form definitely looks great. 

In the post, he reveals that he had woken up extra early to be there with his wife and the two exercised to a song from her new album. He captioned the post:

"When your wife wakes you up at 6am to workout but you love her and you went to bed at 5am and can’t say no???..."

A fan reacts to Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys working out together | Photo: Instagram/therealswizz


Fans loved the heartwarming display, with many commenting on how adorable they both looked while one wrote "happy wife, happy home."

While it looks like Beatz may need to work on his form a little more, many praised him for his dedication to his wife with another fan writing that they hoped they found a love as they had. 

His ex-wife accused Keys of breaking up the marriage.


Before being married to Keys, Beatz was married to Mashonda Tifrere. The couple broke up in 2008 and he went on to marry Keys in 2010. 

His ex-wife accused Keys of breaking up the marriage, penning a note that claimed Beatz had started a relationship with Keys while they were still together. She said:

“My marriage was not broken, as far as I knew we were celebrating our son’s birth and getting ready to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary..."

A fan responds to a sweet video of Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys working out together | Photo: Instagram/therealswizz


However, they have all buried the hatchet and now focus on co-parenting, as Swizz and Mashonda share one child, son Kaseem Dean Jr.

While their timelines may be a little blurred, Keys first met her husband when they were teenagers, with the star saying that she found him annoying.

Luckily, they both eventually fell in love and are now one of the most influential couples in the music industry. 

While Keys is known as a singer, her husband is a highly sought after music producer, having worked with artists like DMX, Whitney Houston, and Beyoncé.