Woman Lets Family Think That She and Her Husband Are Poor

Joe Akins
Sep 25, 2020
11:30 A.M.
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There is so much drama swirling around this family as readers try to decide whether or not this woman is wrong for letting her family think she and her husband are poor.


A woman took to Reddit to share the intriguing story of her family and her actions in order to protect herself. According to her, her adoptive great grandmother had left an equal inheritance for her, her siblings, and her cousins. 

After her brother passed away, her sister found a way to get hold of his inheritance, after which she tried to get her hands on the woman's share. At this point, the woman had just lost a pregnancy, which was unplanned but devastating all the same. 

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In the woman's words, her sister did this in the hope that she would not have the will to fight and would let the inheritance fall into her lap.

This time, the sister told their parents that the woman wasn't planning to have kids even though she had just suffered a miscarriage. She said she ought to get her inheritance as she had two kids to take care of.

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The family supported the sister's claims, but the woman disputed the claims by reminding them that the parents had covered the sister's tuition, bought her four different cars, built her two different houses, and even gotten a new roof for the second house. 

She added that the sister had still incurred a debt of $72k as a result of her exorbitant spending on shopping. She said her sister needed a financial advisor and not more money.

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The family let off after this, and the sister began to spread the news that the woman's family was dirt poor and needed the inheritance desperately.

The woman did not refute her sister's statements when she found out about them. She allowed her family to continue believing this as she and her husband were saving up to buy a house and get settled before considering having kids.

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The woman's mother recently moved to the same state the woman lives in with her husband while her father is out of state. However, the woman already cut off communications with her sister after she made the second move on her inheritance.

This time, the woman's husband had gotten promoted and they had saved up and were well to do. The mother found out pretty quickly that they didn't have the financial issues the sister had spread through the family.

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Rumors then started to spread that she allowed the lies spread so she could get handouts while her sister got nothing. The woman said she had never asked anyone for anything nor told any lie. 

She admitted that the only thing she did was not ending the rumors, which in her defense were not lies as what she heard was that her sister said they were having a tough time and needed the inheritance.

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She added that she felt bad for making her mother worry so much but didn't really feel guilty as her mother wasn't there for her when she lost her baby. Readers took to the comments section to express their opinions as the majority criticized her family for being so messed up.

Some told her that she did nothing wrong as her family had no right to take away her inheritance, while others said it was her sister's fault for spreading the silly rumor.

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