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LisaRaye McCoy & Da Brat Used to Fight People in Chicago — Glimpse into Their Sisterhood

Kareena Koirala
Sep 28, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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Da Brat's bond with her sister LisaRaye McCoy is unbreakable. Recently, the rapper dished on what she really thinks about her sister and shared how tough things were for them while growing up in Chicago. 


Rapper Da Brat has many things to be thankful in life and his sister LisaRaye McCoy is one of them. Right from their childhood, the sisters have been inseparable, and when together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

In a recent interview with Kandi Burruss, Da Brat reminded her fans that nobody messes with them by sharing how they have never been the ones to hold back when it comes to teaching a lesson to those who do them wrong with an enthralling story. 

Kandi Burruss talks to Da Brat during her "Speak On It" segment on her YouTube channel. | Source: YouTube/KandiOnline



During the interview, Burruss presented the rapper with a question from a fan who wanted to know what her opinion about McCoy is. When she said she would like to be asked something specific, Burruss asked if she and McCoy are really sisters. 

Da Brat did not lose a beat to say yes. While answering that question, she also addressed how McCoy set the internet on fire after she revealed some intimate details about her romantic life and also the fact that she once dated a closeted bisexual man in the industry. 


The rapper is aware that her sister made headlines after the revelation and was also subjected to online hatred by many, but she wasn't worried because she knows that McCoy is a strong woman who can handle criticism. 

Da Brat and McCoy have seen each other grow and evolve throughout the years.



Talking about strong, the rapper went on to prove just how strong her sister is by sharing how they used to get into fights with people when they were in Chicago. An interesting anecdote followed and Burruss listened intently. 

One day, a girl stole some money from a basketball player who was McCoy's boyfriend. He had hidden the money away, but Da Brat's sister knew exactly where the money was, unbeknownst to her boyfriend. 


Da Brat did not share how the ball player reacted, but what she did share was how she and McCoy dragged the girl through the hallway of the apartments. But that was not the only fight they ever fought. 

Da Brat fought people for the majority of her young life. Even when she went to school, she had to fight because people would bully her because she was light-skinned. In her words, they wanted to cut her face. The only defense mechanism she ever developed was physical resistance. 



That changed after her stint in prison and she also worked on her anger management issues later on. She is proud of the maturity level she has reached and she is a much calmer person now.

Da Brat and McCoy have seen each other grow and evolve throughout the years. They have endured, suffered, and succeeded in life and they are both proud of the strong women they are today.

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