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'Desperate Housewives' Alum Eva Longoria Opens up about Her Thoughts on Parenting

Joe Akins
Oct 10, 2020
05:00 A.M.
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"Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria recently made an appearance on Anna Farris's podcast, and the actress opened up about her motherhood experience so far.

Eva Longoria is opening up about parenting and the "Desperate Housewives" star has a thing or two to tell moms like her around the world. During a recent episode of the Unqualified podcast with Anna Farris, Longoria spoke about how she has felt guilty in the past when compared to other moms.

The actress explained that hearing how well other mothers were handling parenting sometimes made her feel she was doing a lousy job raising her two-year-old son Santiago Enrique.

Eva Longoria speaking onstage at AFI FEST 2019 in Los Angeles, California in November 2019. I Photo: Getty Images.


Longoria, who has had her struggles with motherhood, revealed that she would never judge other people's parenting choices. The actress said that she respects mothers and: 

"I am never going to tell someone how to parent. I am in no way an expert of being a mom."


About finding a work-life balance, Longoria admitted that there is no manual to it, but she eventually figured out what works best for her. Though motherhood proves challenging sometimes, Longoria is grateful to have the support of her husband, José "Pepe" Bastón, sisters and friends—all of whom are helping her in raising her son.

Longoria's recent appearance on Anna Faris's podcast is not the first time the two women are getting together; they appeared alongside each other in the 2018 film "Overboard."


Having returned to work only weeks after welcoming Santiago in June 2018, Longoria truly seems to have hacked balancing motherhood and having a career. But despite this, the ace actress still struggles sometimes.

In August 2019, Longoria admitted that breastfeeding her son while working was difficult. Like most mothers, the nursing period was characterized by numerous feeding and lack of sleep.


However, Santiago's joyful personality and disposition seemed to help Longoria and Baston ease off the stress of being new parents. Longoria's recent appearance on Anna Faris's podcast is not the first time the two women are getting together. 

 The women appeared alongside each other in the 2018 film "Overboard." Though Longoria is a skilled actress, she noted that landing the role on "Overboard" was anything but easy. According to her, the auditioning process was a tad tricky, but she was happy it paid off in the end.


Speaking further, Longoria revealed that her husband later told her his company was financing the movie and joked that it was unfair for her to have gone through the rigorous audition process.

Though Anna's involvement in the movie was enough to get her excited, it was only one of the numerous highlights she had while working on the project. After all is said and done, Longoria is grateful to be a mother to her adorable son.