NBC News Journalist Hallie Jackson Shares Inspiring Story about Reality of Being a Working Mom

NBC's Whitehouse correspondent, Hallie Jackson, opened up about the development that unfolds from being a working mom, as she got busy with intense journalism.

Hallie Jackson, who has been busy at work since the news of President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, took a moment to ruminate on the difficulties attached to being a working and nursing mother.

On her Instagram page, Jackson shared a candid snapshot of herself in transit with her colleagues. However, this was not a social call, as she noted her heartfelt concerns in the caption.

NBC’s chief White House correspondent, Hallie Jackson, speaking on the Today's Sunday Mail show, on November 17, 2019. | YouTube/Today

NBC’s chief White House correspondent, Hallie Jackson, speaking on the Today's Sunday Mail show, on November 17, 2019. | YouTube/Today


Hallie Jackson, 36, was photographed sitting on a bus alongside her workmates. She had a Brown shawl whipped around her neck to cover her chest. Beneath the clothing was her milk pump, which was connected to her body. She wrote in her caption:

"Me, my Spectra, and the White House press corps… This happened on the way back from Walter Reed Sunday during the president's hospitalization…"

Jackson, who had her face covered with a white face mask, explained that she had to immediately pump milk because it hadn't been stable in the previous week. While Jackson went about her mom duties, a colleague took the photo, and after Jackson viewed it, many emotions swelled. 


For the NBC star, the test of motherhood came with her non-stop coverage of the president's hospital stint. Jackson wrote that it was one of the "most intense weeks of her life" as she only got six hours of sleep in three days.

Jackson noted that having her daughter during the lockdown was a blessing.

This was as opposed to the routine recommended for a nursing mom who needs plenty of rest. Jackson shared that she missed many pumping sessions and had not kept to the diet that saved her milk supply. However, she gave credit to the moms on her team, who helped her pull through.

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me, my Spectra, and the White House press corps...  This happened on the way back from Walter Reed Sunday, during the president's hospitalization, in a van carrying the small group of reporters who travel with the president. It was my turn that day. I hadn’t pumped since 7 that morning, and by the time we set up the live shot at the hospital, held a news conference with the president's doctors, and then - the dagger - hit traffic on the Beltway, it was 12:30 and now or never. So after I fired off a pool note letting everyone know we were headed back to the White House, I pulled out my trusty pumping bag. @jacquelynmartin asked to take a photo. (She thought @frankthorpv would appreciate it.)  It's just a picture, but to me it's a snapshot in time: on day 3 of nonstop coverage, on about 6 hours of sleep total, during one of the most intense weeks in my professional life. Not a day went by this week where I didn't miss at least one pumping session. All the things you're supposed to do to keep up your milk supply went out the window: regular removal, hydration, plenty of rest (lololololol)  But you know what? It's okay. Yep, I sure did struggle with guilt and anxiety about the absolute avalanche at work consuming my life. But a little self-compassion goes a long way: I'm doing my best. Most moms are. And it's going to be okay.  I've been lucky to be able to lean on a lot of people this week for help, like the women journalists in the press corps who have been through the new-mom crush-of-news wringer before. And I'm lucky to have Frank, who ended the week as exhausted as me. Home full-time with Ro right now, he cooked breakfast in the morning, did tummy time in the afternoon, and baked cookies for dinner after I finally collapsed through the door at night. He picked up my slack, and my mess. And he cheered me on every minute of our round-the-clock coverage. Superman. Anyway. That's the story behind the photo. After a break today, and @meetthepress tomorrow, we're down to the 3-week sprint to Election Day. It may've been #mamasfirstpoolpump - but I doubt it'll be the last. 📸: @jacquelynmartin 🙏

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In March, congratulations were in order for the broadcaster and her fellow NBC star spouse, Frank Thorp, as they welcomed their first child together. The newborn named Monroe "Ro" Jackson Thorp, weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces at birth, and also arrived a few weeks before the due date.

Speaking to TODAY, the happy mom expressed her feelings as she sweetly talked about the first moment she met her child. Jackson noted that she had gotten props and lessons from other moms, but nothing prepared her for the overwhelming feelings when she met her daughter.


Following childbirth, Jackson's maternity leave was considered perfect timing as she got her break during the pandemic lockdown. Returning to work in August, Jackson opened up to InStyle about her break and how she adjusted into motherhood.

Jackson noted that having her daughter during the lockdown was a blessing. Speaking about how moms with school-age kids were faring, Jackson shared that she was in an association with such mothers, and the pandemic coupled with virtual learning was quite impactful.

The 36-year-old made it known that while she was at home, a studio was set up to aid remote working, but being a chief correspondent, she would still need to be on the field.

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