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October 18, 2020

See Stunning View of Tamera Mowry & Husband Adam Housley's Wine Tasting Room in Napa Valley

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"Sister, Sister" star Tamera Mowry's husband, Adam Housley proudly shared a photo of their wine tasting room in Napa Valley and it looks like a wine lover's heaven!

Adam Housley and Tamera Mowry turned their dream into reality last year when they opened their very own wine tasting toom in Napa Valley and as Mowry once said, it is an extension of their living room. 

Housley recently took to Instagram to share a snapshot of their little piece of heaven. He and his wife opened the door to the cozy "Housley Napa Valley Tasting Room" in Spring 2019. 

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adam Housley at the 21st Annual Race To Erase MS Gala. | Source: Getty Images


The tasting room looks inviting with its sunny outdoor sitting area and the bright indoor aesthetics. It is located at Clinton Street in Napa and is a must-visit spot for the connoisseurs of wine.

 "The lights are on! Another stunning day and night in [Napa[," Housely captioned the post. The award-winning journalist and former baseball star loves what he does and puts his heart into the business. 


In "Housley Napa Valley Tasting Room," visitors can sample local or area-specific products. From award-winning wines to delicious tasting chocolates, the wine bar has it all. 

Mowry and Housley have a beautiful home and a family vineyard at Napa Valley.


In an interview with Haute Living, Mowry once shared that she and her husband set up a tasting room in Napa because her friends and fans would ask her where her tasting room was even though she did not have one. 

Talking about the decor, the power couple wanted everything to give off an elegant, relaxed, and sophisticated vibe. There is a Housley picture in the center of the tasting room that inspired the colors of the room. 


Two of Mowry's favorite wines that are served in the venue are the red table blend "Adam and Tamera" and the Old Vine Zinfandel. Sharing her knowledge of wine tasting in the interview with Haute Living, Mowry opined that it is subjective. She further said:

"Everyone has different palettes. So don't be surprised when one person tastes spice and the other does not."


Mowry and Housley have a beautiful home and a family vineyard at Napa Valley. It is no surprise that the couple has a wine cellar there. They designed the tasting room in their vineyard with the help of Mowry's former co-star and friend, Alexis Fields. 

Now that Mowry is no longer a co-host of "The Real," she can spend more time in her tasting room. She announced her departure from the show with a heavy heart back in July.