Daily Joke: An Old Farmer in Preparation for Selling His Land

Pedro Marrero
Oct 16, 2020
01:30 A.M.
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This retiring farmer had a very strict criterion to choose which one of his animals to give away to the neighboring families, and he could not be fooled about it.


When the time came for an elderly farmer to retire after having dedicated most of his adult life to working in the country, he needed to take care of all his farm animals in order to sell the land and move on.

Instead of putting them for sale or placing advertising, the old former went house by house in the town nearby and distributed the animals among those interested.

A man in a farm pets his dog next to his horse while out in the county. I Image: Pixabay.


According to his criteria, the farmer gave a horse to the houses where the man was the boss. If the boss of the house was a woman, the house was given a chicken.

After having walked through an entire street, the old man saw a couple gardening together by their home and he approached them to figure out which one of them was the boss.

“Who’s the boss around here?” the old farmer proceeded to ask the young couple, with the husband saying, “I am.”


“I have a black horse and a brown horse,” the farmer asked in consequence, “Which one would you like?” he asked.

After giving it his consideration for a minute, the man finally replied: “I want the black one.”

At this point, the man’s wife couldn’t resist from intervening with, “No, no, no, get the brown one,” prompting the old farmer to see the truth about this couple and to say: “Here’s your chicken.” 



This other man, around his mid-thirties, asked a farmer for a night of lodging and a meal in exchange for work amid one of his long periods of traveling.

The man knocked at the farmer’s door and offered the aforementioned deal to the latter, to which the farmer replied by asking the man whether he had any skills worth mentioning.


“Well, I do have a rare gift – I can communicate with animals,” the traveler surprisingly stated, something that the farmer didn’t exactly buy.

Nevertheless, the farmer had already taken a liking to the visitor and he accepted to put him to work for the day.

After doing some work and earning his dinner, the man insists to the farmer that he can communicate with animals, and to prove it, he tells the farmer that the hens have told him about how the farmer has collected their eggs since his wife passed away.


“Wow, that’s exactly right!” the shocked farmer said in reaction. Then, the man affirms that he was told by a cow that since the farmer’s wife died, the farmer had been milking her every morning.

Amazed, the farmer wanted to continue hearing about the conversations this skilled man had been having with the farm animals.

But as soon as the man started to tell about what he spoke with the farmer’s sheep, the farmer jumped to shout: “That sheep is a total liar!”

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