October 25, 2020

Man Refuses to Help Brother Because He Was Once Denied Help by the Same Brother

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A man refused to help his brother, who refused to help him some years ago. Though the man is reconsidering his decision, Reddit users think he is not obligated to help him.

Today's story is about a 24-year-old gay man who indulged Reddit users in determining if he was wrong for refusing to help his brother, who had denied him help in the past.

The gay man got kicked out of his parents' house at the age of 17 because of his sexuality. As expected, this took its physical and mental toll on the then-teenager.

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He stayed with his friend for a few days with nowhere to go and then decided to ask his older brother for help. Since he was below the legal age, renting an apartment would have proved difficult, so he wanted to stay with his brother until he turned 18 and could get a place.

However, his brother told him that even though he did not agree with their parents' actions, he could not take him. According to the older brother, taking his gay brother in would get him cut off from their parents, which would cost him his inheritance.

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Despite the rejection and being cast out of his family house, the gay man found his way to the top and is now successful in his own right. The poster was, however, not in touch with his family. 

In July, his older brother reached out and explained that he had some financial problems that caused him to lose everything. In the end, he requested a bailout to help him keep his house.

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However, the gay man noted that he could not afford a bailout, and besides, he was still angry about what happened between them years ago. So in response to his request, he told his brother to use the inheritance he depended on back then.

The inheritance was from their grandparents, who both passed away in recent years. This means his brother got the inheritance, but somehow all of the money's gone.

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Though the poster's boyfriend does not think he did anything wrong, the man feels bad and believes he could have still done something to help his estranged older brother.

Reddit users were, however, not in support of the man helping his brother. According to them, what he did years ago was terrible, and even after, he never tried to build a relationship.

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Several users explained that the man is not obligated to help if he does not want to and added that no matter how much he tries to help his older brother, it will never be enough.

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