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Phil Collins' Ex Orianne Cevey Allegedly Demands $20m While Staying in Mansion with New Husband

Olowokandi Fiyin
Oct 24, 2020
04:20 A.M.
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Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Cevey are knee-deep in their legal battles as she reportedly demands a payment of $20 million while still living in the singer's mansion with her new husband.


Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Cevey are still embroiled in their nasty legal battle, and now Cevey seems to be raising the stakes of her proceedings by asking for a massive amount of money.

According to reports, during the court proceedings on Tuesday that saw the iconic singer accuse his ex-wife of taking over his $33 million mansion with her new husband, the jewelry designer filed a counterclaim seeking a payment of $20 million.

Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins at Little Dreams Foundation Music Auditions in Design District on September 20, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


In the hearing, which happened over a zoom call, Collins' lawyer accused Cevey of using deception to occupy Collins' home and then changing lawyers repeatedly to slow down the legal process.

The battle between the former lovers began after Cevey took over the singer's house after her secret marriage to Thomas Bates.


However, her new attorney argued that the $20 million compensation was his client's right as she shared ownership of the property even though it was in the "Against All Odds" crooner's name.

The judge who presided over the hearing, Stephanie Silver, reportedly said that she understands Cevey's need for the huge sum of money as it amounts to about half of the Miami Beach property.


Details also emerged about the items Collins left behind in the house when he left town. According to reports, the singer only took a few suitcases with him, leaving jewelry estimated at $4.7m, some memorabilia, unpublished music, and other things worth up to $15 million.

While it hasn't been certified if Collins' properties would be removed from the house, the judge insisted that all the items be kept in a storage until the case is decided. 


She also instructed Cevey to allow Collins team to enter the residence to specify what items are his. After each party has settled who truly owns the article, it will either be taken to Collins or left in the storage.

The battle between the former lovers began after Cevey took over the singer's house after her secret marriage to Thomas Bates, a musician. Cevey and Collins initially tied the knot in 1999 and were together until 2008 when they filed for divorce.


The renowned singer paid the 46-year-old with a whopping $47 million as part of their divorce settlement. In 2006, the duo reconnected and began dating again until early this year when she left Collins to marry Bates and occupied his home in Miami.

The eight-time Grammy Award winner is now fighting to regain his home after claims that Cevey changed the security codes and employed armed guards to patrol the house.