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Caterina Scorsone Pens a Heartfelt Essay about Her Daughter, Pippa, Who Has Down Syndrome

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 25, 2020
11:20 A.M.
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Caterina Scorsone recently wrote a touching letter in honor of her three-year-old daughter Pippa who has Down Syndrome. The actress's note was published by Good Morning America on Thursday.


In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Caterina Scorsone paid tribute to her three-year-old daughter Pippa who has down syndrome. In a personal essay written for "Good Morning America," Scorsone sweetly described her daughter, adding that equity is needed for people like Pippa.

The actress began her essay by describing Pippa's eyes as a rainbow color that stands out and is differentiated by the 47th chromosome that causes Down syndrome in a person's DNA.

Actress Caterina Scorsone arrives at the 300th Episode Celebration for ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" at TAO Hollywood on November 4, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


Scorsone, however, refuses to let the genetic disorder define her daughter. Like most mothers, Scorsone listed out some of the things her daughter likes and dislikes. The actress explained that Pippa likes wearing dresses and loves to eat popcorn. She added:

"She likes toast with butter, trampolining, and lip-syncing to Sia and the 'Sing' soundtrack."


Scorsone went on to add that Pippa's favorite color is red and that the toddler doesn't like having her hair washed in the tub. The proud mom also revealed that her little girl loves to swim.

Last year, the actress admitted that Pippa changed her perspective on motherhood while ultimately changing her life.


About her daughter's learning abilities, Scorsone revealed that Pippa learns better through pictures and printed words because she has a visual learning profile. Scorsone also opened up about the relationship Pippa has with her siblings.

The actress is also mother to daughters Eliza and Lucinda. Scorsone acknowledged that Pippa would need help to get through life but added that most humans also need help one way or another.


She explained that regardless of what a person looks like or how much they have, humans all have the same primary needs: love, safety, dignity, and connection. Scorsone concluded the touching essay by writing:

"We are equal, different, and miraculous, like Pippa's eyes."

While speaking to Good Morning America, Scorsone explained that being a mother to Pippa helped her redefine love and rediscover herself as a person. She also extensively talked about how advocacy for people with special needs is important in the society and how they need to be duly represented.

Scorsone's recent words about her daughter comes as no surprise. Last year, the actress admitted that Pippa changed her perspective on motherhood while ultimately changing her life. Pippa might only be three, but this little girl has undoubtedly had a significant impact on Scorsone