Woman Refuses to Cover the Scars on Her Arms for Her Cousin's Wedding — Here's Why

Joe Akins
Oct 27, 2020
07:30 P.M.
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A Reddit user took to the platform to enquire if she was in the wrong for refusing to cover her scarred arm for her cousin's wedding despite her cousin's plea.


People often take to social media to clear their heads and get a fresh perspective on the many bugging issues they face. This seems to be the case of one Reddit user who was involved in an accident some years ago.

Although she managed to come out unscathed in some parts of her body, her forearms were left damaged. After recovering from the traumatic experience, she was able to get 80-85% of her mobility back but was left with some undesirable scars.

A group of bridesmaids. | Photo:


Some of the scars are not so bad, but three of them, which she described as big and pink, appear to be giving her so much headache. This is even more so because her dark skin makes it easy to spot them.

The woman's self esteem went downhill because of these scars, and she had to build her body positivity by standing in the mirror and affirming to herself how beautiful and okay her arms and body looked; which to be honest wasn't an easy fit.


Things seem to be going well until this year when she got a call from her cousin who had fixed her wedding for March next year and wanted her to be a part of the bridesmaids. Her cousin seemed to be very keen on the looks of the people in her bridesmaid.

The first red flag occurred during a video call with her cousin, where she was shown the dress she would be wearing alongside seven other bridesmaids. During the call, she stood up to show her cousin her pair of matching shoes for the dress, and by the time she got back, her cousin wore a sour look and said she would have to call back later.


Apparently, her cousin had seen the unwanted scars. A week later, her cousin had devised a plot on getting her off the bridesmaid's list and called her amidst tears that her best friend of similar size had ruined her dress, and she was sorry but she would have to take the dress from her.

Having caught the plot, the Reddit user seemed not to mind. Not someone to take chances, her cousin called her a few days later to enquire what she would be wearing for the wedding.


To her, it sounded ridiculous to think of a dress for a wedding that is months away. Having shown her cousin what she intended wearing, her cousin let the cat out of the box and asked her if she does not have any sleeves.

When she responded that she did not, her cousin opened up, crying about how she did not want her "ugly arms" showing up in her very high definition pictures. Even if she was not going to be a bridesmaid, she was still going to appear, which was a source of worry for her cousin.


Finally, she found her voice to respond to her cousin and told her that she had spent months building her esteem over her arms and did not see any reason hiding it. If that were the deal-breaker, she would instead not come to the wedding.

After the call, she said she has been getting some unpleasant texts from her cousin, her fiance, and friends calling her selfish. Although she does not think she should be made to feel ugly and ashamed of her body, she admitted that she already felt guilty and sought the opinions of other users.


One user said that her cousin was mean and advised that she stayed away from such negative people. Another user added that she admired her decision not to go to the wedding and called her cousin a shallow-minded person.

A third user commented that her cousin was manipulative with her tears, and she would be better off staying away from her. Here's another similar story about a woman who removed her sister from her wedding plans due to her instability and struggle with drug abuse.