Delivery Man Spooked by Halloween Decorations — See the Funny Video

Afouda Bamidele
Oct 28, 2020
12:00 A.M.
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A hilarious video showed an Amazon delivery man get very spooked by Halloween decorations. The elderly dispatch man was displeased by the occurrence and voiced his grievances.


Halloween might be some days away, but many people across the nation have gotten into the mood for the spooky holiday since the beginning of this month. A hilarious video posted on Viral Hog's Twitter page on October 2 is proof of this.

In the amusing clip of a recorded security camera, an Amazon delivery man was seen approaching a customer's porch to drop an ordered package. The front was heavily decorated for Halloween with a pumpkin, a small witch door, and a robotic witch sitting on a cane chair.

A photo of a Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern with burning candles. | Photo: Shutterstock.


The delivery man approached the door to drop the package and was met with a warning from the robotic witch, which said, "I told you to stay away." He was startled by the sound and loud cackling of the with, but after observing the environment moved closer to the door to drop the package.

Sometimes, the pranks played on dispatch personnel can turn out to be heartwarming and catch the attention of many.


That was when the unimaginable happened, and the witch rose from the chair and cackled even louder, sending the dispatcher into shock as he staggered. Frustrated, he dropped the package by the beam and took his leave angrily, uttering the words, "I'm getting too old for this stuff."

Delivery persons have been the butt of the joke from many homeowners who play pranks on them. However, it is not only restricted to homes as it can be on live TV at times.


In 2017, show host Ellen DeGeneres and singer Adam Levine played a practical joke on a pizza delivery guy named Izzy. The Maroon 5 frontman told Izzy that he could only have soft food because of his throat and while tasting different foods.

Izzy watched on, confused as Levine kept taking different meals and complaining that it was too hard. The singer even took a jab at his "The Voice" colleague Blake Shelton, saying his butt was hard. When the prank was over, Levine led Izzy to the stage where Degeneres gave him a huge tip.


In 2019, the comedian teamed up with singer Harry Styles to play a similar prank. Styles had an earpiece in his ear while she ridiculous things into his ear for him to do in front of the pizza guy.

Sometimes, the pranks played on dispatch personnel can turn out to be heartwarming and catch the attention of many. Such was the case of this Amazon driver who fulfilled the hilarious terms of a little kid's delivery in Magnolia, Delaware.


The female driver garnered accolades online from mother Lynn Staffieri after she went above and beyond to fulfill Staffieri's youngest son's wish for the delivery personnel to knock on the door thrice and scream abracadabra loudly.

  Although the request was evidently a prank, the driver fulfilled the request heartily and went viral for doing such a sweet gesture wholeheartedly.