First Official Trailer for 'Saved by the Bell' Revival Drops Ahead of the Show's Premiere

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 29, 2020
05:00 P.M.
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After so much suspense and several teasers, the trailer for 'Saved by the Bell' is finally released, giving viewers a general idea of what to expect and anticipate in the series.


The Youtube channel, Peacock, which has over 124 million subscribers, received several likes and comments when it posted the official "Saved By The Bell" trailer. A pleased fan commented:

"Trailer starts: 'I am so excited, I am so excited.', Trailer ends: ' I'm so.. scared.'"


The new series talks about a California governor who relocated students from underfunded schools to a privileged school, Bayside High, forcing his son to face reality. One of the students who studied at his new school asked:

"Why is everybody so rich?"

A scene in the trailer showed a female student boasting about DJ Khalid's son creating a playlist for her birthday celebration, which she hoped would earn her some praises.

Elizabeth Berkley arrives at the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at a private residence on June 3, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


Regular appearances from the likes of Gosselaar Mark, Elizabeth Berkley, and Mario Lopez played the roles of Zack Morris, Jessie Spano, and A. C. Slater, respectively.

Gosselaar landed his role as the smart " Zack Morris" at the age of ten when the television series first aired in 1984. The series stopped running in 1994

After watching the trailer for the first time, the 46-year-old main character, Gosselaar, expressed that it was smart, unique, and had great content.


Even with his love for his series and character, Gosselaar said jumping into Zack Morris' shoes had proved difficult. He added that he had to take some time to get back into character especially regarding the speech pattern

"Saved by the Bell" was initially titled "When The Bell Rings" before the team made some major changes. The initial set still exists and can be found on shows like "iCarly" and "That's So Raven."


The show was also initially set in Indiana before it was moved to California. Only one classroom in Bayside High School was used for the entire series, which was rearranged for various scenes.

Gosselaar landed his role as the smart " Zack Morris" at the age of ten when the television series first aired in 1984. The series stopped running in 1994. 

When NBC announced plans to restart the famous sitcom, the adult Goseelaar was recast as the male lead to retain his character as Zack Morris.

The popular sitcom put viewers on the edge of their seats as they anticipate the series due in November on NBC's Streaming Platform, Peacock.