Priest Gives a Little Girl His Blessings and Gets a High Five in Return — See the Funny Video

Busayo Ogunjimi
Oct 30, 2020
10:40 A.M.
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A hilarious clip recently shared on social media site Reddit showed the moment a priest got a high five from a little girl while he was praying for her.


In a year as dramatic as this, just anything hilarious is enough to help people unwind from the economic and mental stress caused by the pandemic.

A viral clip on social media site Reddit has been making rounds after a user shared it. The 14-second video showed the moment a priest got a friendly high five from a little girl.

A photo of catholics attending mass. | Photo: Unsplash.


In the viral clip, a mother and her daughter are seen approaching the Priest for his blessings in a church. The Priest proceeded to raise his right hand in a bid to say a prayer over the little girl. 

Seeing the Priest's hand raised high, the little girl thought it was an invitation to a friendly high five and wasted no time taping the Priest's open palms. Realizing her daughter was in a jovial mood, her mom pulled her back from any other casual gesture. 

Photo of a priest | Photo: Pixabay


The high point of the clip shows the Priest trying to restrain himself from laughing as he attempted to conclude his function. Users wasted no time to feast on the humor of the clip.

One user said that the clip was adorable and lovely, while another noted that such events happen frequently and suggested that at 16, he was sure that he would do the same.

The Priest said he unlocked his creative genius after thinking of a way to continue the Easter tradition and also maintain the health regulations


The popularity of the clip is quite impressive, having garnered over 115,000 upvotes on Reddit. Some other users were reportedly concerned that the Priest was not wearing a face mask. 

This is not the first time a priest became the source of much laughter on social media. One Priest reportedly turned on the video filters accidentally in an attempt to hold an online mass during turn lockdown.

Photo of a Parish priest | Source: Unsplash


The incident took place during the height of the Italian lockdown earlier this year. Paolo Longo was oblivious that he had activated the video filters and proceeded to carry on with his mass.

It did not take time before his face became adorned with digital accessories leaving his face like a black and white cat. The video has been reportedly viewed more than three million times.


70-year-old priest Rev. Tim Pelc went viral after using a squirt gun to spray parishioners with holy water in an attempt to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Priest said he unlocked his creative genius after thinking of a way to continue the Easter tradition and also maintain the health regulations.

Pelc admitted that he was a little bit concerned about the reaction from the Vatican, but so far, everywhere seems to be okay. Here's an interesting story about a woman who takes away her son's internet access every sunday because he does not go to church