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Inside Actress Lisa Berry's Career, Motherhood, and Lifestyle

Oyin Balogun
Oct 31, 2020
12:40 A.M.
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Canadian actress Lisa Berry recently took to social media to let her fans know that she would be starring in "Supernatural's" latest episode– "Billie is back."


Lisa Berry gave her fans something to look forward to a couple of days ago when she revealed that Billie, the character she plays on "Supernatural," has returned.

"Billie is back," she captioned a photo of herself seated next to her co-star, Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean in the long-running series.


The photo caught the pair seated at a table, seemingly in the middle of a discussion, while Berry was focused on something or someone in front of her. Ackles had his gaze on her and he seemed to be saying something.

The pair looked gorgeous for the scene. Berry had on a bit of makeup, and she wore a black leather jacket while her black wavy hair was bound at her nape. Ackles wore a black denim jacket on top of a round neck shirt and looked as handsome as ever.


In the comments section, fans of the gorgeous actress could not contain their excitement. One fan declared that he would only watch the episode she featured in while another expressed excitement at Billie's appearance, saying it always meant things were about to get real.

In the interview, Berry mentioned how happy she was when she got picked to play Billie.



Berry is also all about family, and on July 3, she took to her Instagram page to celebrate her husband in a flashback Friday post.

The image showed Berry and her handsome husband all dolled up in a sweet embrace during what seemed to be their wedding day. It was captioned:

"#fbf Worlds greatest husband #blacklove??."


In the image, the actress leaned into her husband, who smiled happily as the shot was taken. He had on a black suit and a bow tie while the actress, from what could be seen, looked happy in a lovely white dress.

The couple seems to be happy parents too, as evident in an Instagram post shared by the actress on August 28. The image was of Berry's child clad in a diaper and socks. The cutie was only a month old, as indicated by the actress, and the image was captioned:

"Happy one-month anniversary to my little budding activist!✊?."



Of course, things have to get real when Berry's character Billie comes around. She is a reaper that was elevated to death status, and now she may have cooked up a plan to kill God. She is reportedly the one getting "Nephilim Jack" ready to kill God and his sister, "Amara."

Berry joined the cast of "Supernatural" in 2015 and has since played the recurring role of Billie. In 2018, she had an interview where she discussed her work on the series.


In the interview, Berry mentioned how happy she was when she got picked to play Billie. Prior to getting drafted for the show, she had been a huge fan since it premiered, so when she got the part, her excitement knew no bounds.

Berry also discussed her career as a musician in the interview. When she was asked if she had any interest in recording a song with Jason Manns, the beautiful Canadian native gave a resounding no.

Berry alleged that at the time, she was not ready for something like that. However, she mentioned how wonderful it felt to sing because she had gotten over her many insecurities.

This gave her the freedom to express herself through her music, and for her, it was enough. She maintained the mindset, and in December 2019, she revealed in an interview that she had no plans to pursue a musical career any further.

While this may mean she is more focused on acting, only time will tell what she will decide to do with her musical talent.