November 04, 2020

LHHATL's Erica Dixon Poses in a Family Photo Dressed in Halloween Costumes with Her Daughters

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Erica Dixon was captured posing as Morticia from "The Addams Family" in celebration of Halloween. The reality star struck a pose with her three daughters, who all looked gorgeous in their outfits. 

Reality star Erica Dixon celebrated Halloween with her daughters Emani, Eryss, and Embrii, and as expected, the adorable family pulled up in grand style.

In an Instagram post shared by entertainment gossip blog YBF daily, Dixon and her daughters were seen recreating a family photo from the television and film series, "The Addams Family."

Erica Dixon at a party at the Gold Room, Atlanta on January 19, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


For her role as Morticia, Dixon rocked a black maxi dress that accentuated her curvy figure. The reality star also fashioned a long straight hairstyle falling over her shoulders. She topped off the look with gorgeous makeup comprising of red lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow.

Dixon posed holding each of her twin daughters Eryss and Embrii on her hips. Standing next to her was her oldest daughter, Emani, who also rocked a knee-length black dress and a pair of sneakers.


The picture also featured a man clad in black pants, a white shirt, and a long striped jacket, playing the role of Gomez from the film. The adorable family posed in front of a wall that had "Addams Family" written on it.

The gorgeous picture was quick to draw the attention of many fans and followers who took to the comments section to share their thoughts about the post.


While many gushed over how beautiful Dixon and her kids looked, others speculated that the mystery man was the father of her twins.

In celebration of his birthday in February, Dixon shared a picture of the twins posing with their father.

Though Dixon welcomed her twin daughters over a year ago, the reality star kept the identity of their father private. Following the announcement of her pregnancy last year, fans and followers of the reality star wondered who fathered the babies.


During her pregnancy, Dixon was once spotted with actor Rotimi, which quickly sparked speculations about him being the twins' father.

Dixon was, however, quick to shut down the rumors, stating that the speculation was false information. Rotimi also debunked the rumors, which he described as fake news.


Though Dixon is yet to release details about the twins' father, she gave fans a glimpse of what the mystery man looks like earlier in the year.

In celebration of his birthday in February, Dixon shared a picture of the twins posing with their father. The image was, however, not clear enough for fans to make out his face.

While many fans cannot wait to know about her baby daddy, there is no doubt that Dixon's choice to keep that part of her life private is commendable. Hopefully, one day, the reality star will become comfortable enough to give her fans all of the juicy details.