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Woman Refuses to Go to Brother's Wedding after He Told Her Not to Bring Husband

Busayo Ogunjimi
Nov 06, 2020
12:00 P.M.
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Here's a story shared on popular social media platform, Reddit, about a woman who is refusing to attend her brother's wedding because he asked her not to come with her husband.


A 29-year-old woman on Reddit took to the platform to narrate an experience she had with her 33-year-old brother, who is set to get married on Sunday.

According to the woman, everyone in her family helped pay for her brother's wedding except her. She could not do so because she had other things to take care of.

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Her husband had an accident two years ago that left him with a spinal cord injury. Since then, he has been using a wheelchair. Her brother was upset she did not help pay for his wedding but told her then that it was okay.

The woman also explained that her husband and brother did not have the best relationship and always argued in the past. Her brother also made derogatory remarks towards her husband when her family visited.

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He would ask her what her husband was doing since she was the one taking care of him and paying bills. Her brother also advised her not to let life pass her by as it would if she continued enabling her husband's attitude.

Her brother also complained whenever he asked her to do something for him and his fiancee, and she told him she could not do so because she needed to be there for her husband.

Her mother pleaded with her to attend, saying her brother would be hurt deeply if she does not.

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Her brother recently called her to tell her about sending an invitation and asked her not to come with her husband to the wedding. She became angry and asked him why she should not.

He told her the wedding would only be for a few hours, and she would not want her to be burdened with her husband as she needed a break. The woman told her brother she would not be coming for the wedding and hung up on him.

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He called her later and repeated the same thing. When she would not budge, his fiancee also called her, though she refused to pick her calls. The woman's refusal to attend the wedding led to an argument between her and her family.

Her husband got to find out through her phone conversations and broke down crying, saying her family did not want him at the wedding because he is in a wheelchair. The woman became devastated and speechless.

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She called her mom and said she would not attend the wedding. Her mother pleaded with her to attend, saying her brother would be hurt deeply if she does not. Her father also wants to visit her to talk things through. The woman feels tired of the whole situation.

Reddit users who commented on the woman's story said she is right not to attend the wedding. One user said she should only attend if she goes with her husband.

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Another user accused her brother of emotionally abusing her husband, while a third person accused her family of enabling her brother rather than correcting him for his deeds.

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