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Woman Refuses to Share Her Bathroom with Guests

Manuela Cardiga
Nov 11, 2020
01:30 A.M.
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In our story of the day, a woman refuses to share her bathroom with a guest her roommate invited to live with them -- she feels the roomie should be the one sharing.


Sharing a living space with another person is never easy, and in our story of the day, a woman was confronted with a particularly delicate situation when her roommate brought in a third person to live in the apartment they shared.

The woman opened up about her problem on social media, and how she ultimately solved her problem, in what may not have been the most sensitive way.

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The woman and her roommate Meredith had been sharing their two-bedroom apartment amicably. Meredith has the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, and the woman had the use of the second bathroom and bedroom.

Then things took a sudden turn for the worse when her roommate invited her male cousin Mark to move in with them -- he sleeps on the couch -- but he uses the second bathroom which the woman considered her own.

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The woman agreed to Mark's moving in, and he does pay his share of the rent; what she does not agree with is that he is using her bathroom, and not his cousin Meredith's. She said:

"He is sleeping on the couch, pays some rent, is nice enough... but I am not sharing a bathroom with him."

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The woman suggested to Meredith that her cousin should use her bathroom, but the roommate complained that since her cousin works at night, he is would have to walk into her bedroom at odd hours to reach the en-suite bathroom.

The woman suggested that Meredith trade bedrooms with her, so she could share bathrooms with her cousin and preserve her own privacy, but her roommate refused.

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The woman solved the problem by obtaining a key for the second bedroom from the landlord, who agrees she has the right to her privacy and locking it for her own use.

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She admits that she feels sympathy for Mark who finds himself in the middle of a bathroom war, but as she pointed out, she had agreed to share the apartment because it has two bathrooms, and she didn't want to share with anyone at all.