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Daily Joke: A Man's Dog Catches a Rabbit

Busayo Ogunjimi
Nov 12, 2020
06:40 A.M.
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A man left his dog unleashed while heading out, and upon returning, he met a rabbit in the dog's mouth and, knowing it belonged to his neighbor, quickly resorted to drastic measures.


One morning, a man returns home and discovers his pet dog stretched out on the porch covered entirely in snow and dirt with a catch in his mouth.

The man noted how dirty his dog looked, but he was relieved there was no bloody mess. He looks at the dead rabbit and realizes that it belongs to his neighbor, who was known to raise rabbits for special rabbit shows.

Photo of man and his dog | Photo: Pexels


Knowing his neighbor has several "blue-ribbon" winners among the rabbits, the man freaks out thinking about the repercussion when his neighbor discovers one of his prized rabbits dead.

Now convinced the rabbit belongs to his neighbor, the man launches into action. Thinking fast, he takes the dead animal away from the dog, scrubs all the mud off, and sneaks into the neighbor's yard while they're out.

Photo of a rabbit on a field | Photo: Pexels


He locates the only empty cage in the backyard, carefully puts the rabbit in it and then returns home. About 30 minutes later, the man hears his neighbor yelling, so he rushes over to see what has got him worked up.

The neighbor explains, "It's my rabbit. My rabbit died three days ago and we buried it but now it's risen from the dead and is back in his cage."

Photo of man and his dog | Photo: Pexels


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She let them know in no uncertain terms that she had no desire to listen to what they had to say and proceeded to slam the door in their astonished faces.

Man raising right hand. | Photo: Pexels


Surprisingly, the door did not close and even bounced back open. She attempted the slam again, channeling all strength, but she got the same result – it remained open.

Sure that the young men had lodged their foot in the door to prevent her from closing it, she pulled back to give it a good slam that would teach them not to mess with her but stopped when one of the men told her that she should move her cat before trying again.

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