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January 05, 2021

Lahmard Tate AKA Billy on 'Barbershop' Looks a Lot like His Brother Larenz — Check Him Out

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Beloved actor Lahmard Tate shared a video on his Instagram announcing his eagerness to help out his fans. It was surprising just how similar to his brother Larenz he looked in the short clip.

Lahmard Tate reminded his fans of his brother, Larenz, when he recently took to Instagram to upload a video. Lahmard was on a set when he shot the video, but he took the time to let his followers know that he was there for them.

The actor and writer looked dashing as he sported a full beard for the video. He also proved that he shared an uncanny resemblance to his brother, who seemed to be his almost lookalike.


In the video, Lahmard announced his arrival to the Cameo app family and stated that he was willing to help his audience by sending a shoutout to their friends and families on their behalf. He added:

"The point is… I’m here for you."



Born in 1970, Lahmard rose to fame with his 2002 flick, “Barbershop.” Since then, he has been a renowned and beloved name in show business, making appearances in several hit projects, including 2006’s classic, “Rocky Balboa.”

After the conclusion of the hit show, Larenz is all set to take on another challenge by reprising his role on a Starz-spinoff.




Along with his brother, Larenz, the Tate brothers have been gracing the screens with their powerful performances for several years. Most notably, they both made an impressionable appearance on the series, “Power.”

On the show, Larenz played Rashad Tate while Lahmard played Rashad’s brother, Kamaal, who is an NYPD officer. This is the first series where the two brothers come together in important roles.


However, the two of them are not the only actors in the Tate household. They have another brother, Larron, who has honed his craft in acting as well as directing and producing.


As the show came to its end earlier this year, it was an emotional moment for the brothers. Expressing their collective sentiments, Larenz explained that it was a bittersweet feeling. 

Larenz Tate attends the 50th NAACP Image Awards at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images


He stressed that people were upset about the show coming to its end. On the other hand, they were also delighted that they could end it on a high. The actor further highlighted that the fans have truly supported the show throughout its airing.

After the conclusion of the hit show, Larenz is all set to take on another challenge by reprising his role on a Starz-spinoff. In the show, the actor portrays a corrupt Councilman.