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November 14, 2020

'The Bachelorette's Dale Moss & Clare Crawley Celebrated Engagement — inside Their Love Story

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Reality TV stars Dale Moss and Clare Crawley, popularly known for appearing in this season's "The Bachelorette," celebrated their engagement. Here is a detailed insight into their sweet love story. 

Love has never seemed sweeter for this season's viewers of the reality TV show "The Bachelorette." Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have, no doubt, proved to be the perfect match made in heaven with their instant connection. 

Crawley went down in the show's history as the first Bachelorette to select a partner so quickly. Since she found love so soon, she did not have to finish the season and go through the rest of the contestants vying for her heart. 


Screenshot of Dale Moss during his "Getting To Know Dale Moss" interview. | Photo: Youtube.com/Express

Moss, a former football player, stole her heart from the very beginning. The pair were so enthralled by their burgeoning love for one another that one time during a group date, they snuck away to be together. 


Soon after, Crawley revealed that she was in love with Moss despite the hastiness. She explained that he met her on the emotional level of what she was looking for and added that it was everything she wanted out of life and a relationship. 


Despite the controversy it was set to stir up, Moss subsequently asked for her hand in marriage and told her that the moment he met her, he knew what they had was special. He added that the best was yet to come, and he would make her happy every day.

The turn of events forced the producers to continue the season with Tayshia Adams, a former "Bachelor" contestant, and finalist. She is the second African-American to ever star on the show since Rachel Lindsay in the 13th season. 

Crawley, in a moment of excitement, burst out that having babies was definitely on the agenda. 


After the love birds announced the sweet news on their Instagram feeds, the "Bachelor Nation" did not fail to show their support. Adams sent out a congratulatory message in the comment section and the host, Chris Harrison, among many of the show's alum also congratulated them. 

Though a few months have passed since the shocking turn of events, there have been speculations about whether the couple is still together. They, however, appear to still be going strong as the two are currently touring their hometowns. 


The pair have also received heavy backlash from some viewers for their spontaneity. Harrison, a supporter of the two, came to their defense, explaining that there was nothing wrong with the development. He added that everyone should just be more understanding. 

On a lighter note, Crawley revealed in an interview, that she and Moss made plans to move in together and are currently house hunting in her hometown. She explained that they chose the location so they would be close to her mother, who had dementia. 


However, they revealed that they had not yet settled on a wedding date. When asked what they planned to do next, Crawley, in a moment of excitement, burst out that having babies was definitely on the agenda. 

Moss clearly did not share the same sentiments as fans were quick to point out with their mocking comments. Nonetheless, it is evident that no amount of hate can come between a bond growing so beautifully.