Daily Joke: A Driver Took a Train Company to Court

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 19, 2020
01:20 P.M.

These days, people file lawsuits for anything, even if the incident doesn’t require taking things to court. Sometimes they win the case, but sometimes they lose it, just like the protagonist of today’s joke.


One day, there was an accident at a railroad crossing. A train hit a vehicle, and although nobody was hurt, the car driver was so shaken and upset that he ended up taking the train company to court.

Of course, the train engineer had to testify. He insisted that the accident was not his fault, especially because he waved his lantern back and forth for about a minute to warn the driver of the car.

Photo of a train | Photo: Pixabay

Photo of a train | Photo: Pixabay

Since he even stood in the middle of the courtroom to show the judge and jury how he did it, the court believed that the engineer had given ample warning to the driver, and the suit was dismissed.

Following the trial, the engineer’s lawyer congratulated him for how good he testified and defended himself. The engineer thanked him but admitted that he was worried. “Why would you be worried?” asked the lawyer.


“I was afraid the judge was going to ask if the damned lantern was lit!”

This joke reminds us of another one involving two salesmen who were going door to door offering products. Eventually, they knocked on the door of the grumpy woman of the neighborhood.

She profusely told the salesmen that they were not welcomed in her house and, between insults, slammed the door in their faces. However, the door bounced back at her.


The angry woman got even more enraged and slammed the door even harder. Again, it slowly bounced back open. At that point, the woman was sure that one of the salesmen had placed one of their feet in the door.

Willing to teach them a lesson, she prepared herself to slam the door again with all of her strength when one of the salesmen said:

“Ma’am, before you do that again, you should probably move your cat.”

Another funny incident happened to a young businessman who had just started his own company. Once he was in his new office, he saw a visitor in the outer office.

The businessman thought he needed to portray himself as a top shot, so he picked up the office’s phone and started talking with a non-existing customer.


His visitor walked into the office, and for a few more minutes, the businessman kept pretending that he had an important deal coming through, even dropping some huge figures. When he finally hung up, he asked his real visitor how he could help him.

“Sir, I’m here to activate the phone lines.”

You can find more hilarious jokes here.

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