Man Didn't Let People Stay at His House after They Traveled over 10 Hours to Stay There

A man refused to allow two people to stay at his house after traveling a long distance to get there and wants to know if he was wrong for doing so. 

A man on Reddit shared his experience with a friend, seeking the social media platform's users' opinions on whether he was wrong with his actions. 

According to the man, he has a well-paying job that requires him to work mostly from home. He also gets to travel occasionally. The nature of the job allowed him to pick specific locations where he wanted to live. 

A photo of a frustrated man holding his head. | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a frustrated man holding his head. | Photo: Shutterstock

The man picked a big, lovely home next to a lake. The house is surrounded by nature and makes for good viewing. The man gets so thrilled by the place that he has to pinch himself sometimes to be sure he is really living there. 

The man went further to reveal he is from a big city where most of his friends and family reside. Every month, at least one of the friends requests to come and see him, which he believes is another way for them to say they need a vacation and want to stay with him. 

Most times, the man refuses the requests as he does not trust anyone else besides his dad and girlfriend to stay alone in his house, especially when he has to travel. However, he says yes sometimes when he needs to see someone. 

Recently, his college friend named Brian called him, asking if he could come along with a friend for a vacation at his place. Brian said they could use the opportunity to hang out like old times. 

The man agreed as he had not seen Brian for a long time even though they usually kept in touch with each other. He went on to prepare the guest rooms for the visit.

On the day Brian and his friend are expected to arrive, the man gets a call from the latter an hour before their arrival. Brian tells him something came up, and he can no longer come. 

A few minutes after the call, Brian sends a message telling the man that he got one of his other friends to take his place. The man replies, telling him he is not comfortable letting two strangers stay in his house but does not get a reply from Brian. 

About an hour later, the man hears a knock on his door. When he opens, he sees two guys standing with their luggage. The man greets them, and they tell him they are staying there. 

The man disagrees and asks them to leave. They plead to stay for the night, but he refuses. Later on, Brian calls and blasts the man for failing to let his friends in as they had to drive for hours to get there. 

Brian is also annoyed because he already informed the man earlier. The man tells Brian off. However, he told Reddit users he feels terrible for Brian's friends because he assumesd they knew nothing about the whole thing. 

Most Reddit users who commented on the man's story sided with him on the issue. One of them said Brian was wrong to send two strangers to another person's house. Another user said the man was right not to let the guys in as anything could have happened. 

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