November 24, 2020

Woman Reports Son's Doctor after She Shared His Medical Information with Her Mother-in-Law

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A woman wants to know if she is right to report her son's medical doctor because she disclosed his medical information with her mother-in-Law.

According to a woman, her boy has a medical condition she and her husband have been struggling to help him cope with; however, her mother-in-law has been making things more difficult for them.

She revealed that her mother-in-law would get involved and make decisions about her grandchild without speaking to her and her husband first. The mother-in-law would completely disregard their fears and concerns as responsible parents while claiming the pair has no idea what their boy needs. 


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She would even go as far as attempting to control appointments with doctors or argue with them. If she is not doing either of those, she is busy trying to tell them how to do their job.


That pales in comparison to her appearing with drugs that her friend, who also happens to be a doctor, prescribed without a prior diagnosis of the boy. Whenever the couple refuses to follow her lead, the mother in law would often get angry.

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The woman revealed that the latest thing her husband's mother did was show up at one of her son's appointments to make a scene that made them take drastic steps. 

The pair went "no contact," and they had their son's medical file transferred to another clinic just so they could get the domineering mother-in-law off their backs. They did not stop there; they removed her name from their emergency contact.  

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They went a notch further by painstakingly explaining to the doctor that under no circumstances should their son's medical information be revealed to her. Undeterred, the mother in law kept attempting to discover what clinic or doctor their son goes to.

When she wasn't getting anywhere, she tried to guilt-trip her son just to know where her grandson was being treated. The family do not see the adverse effects of the mother-in-law's involvement in the boy's life. 

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Therefore, they all call the woman "awful" and "resentful" for trying to keep her son's health issues a secret from a grandma who is just worried for her grandson. A week before the woman wrote her piece, she discovered that her mother in law was at her son's clinic to discuss the boy's condition with the pediatrician. 

The mother in law had called her son to tell him she was with their son's pediatrician to discuss his condition. She wanted to let him know about her right to be a part of her grandson's care while letting him know they should not hide things from her since she would find out. 

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The boy's mother went haywire at the news and took to the clinic to speak to the pediatrician about the discussion she had with her mother in law which led to her disclosing private medical information even though she had been warned severally not to. 

She was told to "back off," but the woman could not overlook the breach in protocol and the fact that her mother in law would now start interfering again, so she reported the doctor and filed a HIPAA complaint.  

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The mother-in-law told the whole family about the doctor, and they all went off on the woman, saying she let her bitterness put the doctor's career on the line, especially since she shared the information with the boy's granny and not a stranger. 

They also believe she is not focusing enough on getting her son well but is more content to start arguments. Her husband also shares their belief that she went a bit too far with the complaint, which just made it seem like he was not on her side anymore. 

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In the comments section, users comforted the woman and let her know she has a right to do anything she feels will remedy such a distressing matter. 

Most could not understand why the mother in law kept interfering the way she was, but they hope she sees reason and let the couple do what they think will benefit their child. Click here to read about a woman who changes the locks after her ex-husband gave his mother his key to her place.