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Check Out This Thanksgiving Playlist for Country-Lovers — from Keith Urban to Dolly Parton

Joe Akins
Nov 26, 2020
09:30 A.M.

Music makes everything, including Thanksgiving, better and fun! Here is a fantastic country playlist of great songs that can be played and enjoyed during Thanksgiving.


Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate something truly special: Thanksgiving. People take the time to reflect and be thankful for all that they have, and indeed, it is a tradition that warms the heart.

As Turkey Day slowly approaches, many are eager to celebrate the special day with loved ones and family after a rather tumultuous year. Great music sits high on the list of Thanksgiving traditions. Here are 11 country songs to play at Thanksgiving.

Dolly Parton during an interview with host Seth Meyers on November 21, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Dolly Parton during an interview with host Seth Meyers on November 21, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Kris Kristofferson released "Thank You For A Life" on his 2006 album "This Old Road." The album was his first release after a 9-year hiatus, and in the lyrics, listeners could hear that he poured his heart into it.


In "Thank You For A Life," Kristofferson thanks God and his wives for giving him his bouncing baby boys and little girls. This song presents Kristofferson's gratitude for a life that he calls happy.


Although, Country singer Martina McBride did not write this beautiful song, "Blessed," her delivery of the uptempo time is simply impeccable and perfect for the festive period.

Filled with gratitude over the smallest things, "Blessed" fills its listener with warmth and joy, reminding them to appreciate the smallest of joys. A tune fit for any Thanksgiving playlist.



A country playlist without the iconic Dolly would be a rather sketchy and questionable one. Dolly Partons's 1968 "Coat of Many Colors" takes her back to her poverty-ridden childhood when her family could not afford to buy new clothing.

The moving and true story revealed that her mother had to sew her a coat made out of multihued rags like Joseph in the Bible. Still, Parton sings that she feels richer than ever in her coat of many colors sewn with her mother's endless love.



In 1987, Merle Haggard's unforgettable voice belted out the lyrics to his song, "Thanking the Good Lord." In this hopeful and warm tune, he is grateful for finding love in the woman that God has sent his way.

He also makes one last request that he finds prosperity and the ability to be fair in everything that he does. Gratitude and hope to be better, all anyone can ask for in a song for Thanksgiving.


Travis Tritt released "Great Day To Be Alive" in his 2000 album, "Down The Road I Go." Although other artists had recorded this tune before Tritt got his hands on it, his unique touch was all it needed to come alive like never before.

Written by Darrell Scott, the song speaks of a protagonist who only needs a few things to be happy: some rice, a little hot soup, and the ability to grow a Fu Man Chu mustache. Despite the minute hints of deeper loneliness, Tritt focuses on the bright side and warms hearts.



Nothing says Country louder than a tune talking about the little youngsters and being thankful for them. The Oak Ridge Boys released the song in the '80s, thankful for the little ones even when they are spilling Kool-Aid on the couch.

The song also reflects on how the kids warm their way into hearts and soon grow up and leave the older ones longing for, the earlier days of "Kool Aid" spills and the magic they brought.



At first sight — or first, listen— Blake Shelton's "God Gave Me You" sounds like a typical straight-ahead love song. However, the video for the 2011 hit expands the meaning far beyond the romantic and into a deeper understanding of gratitude.

Shelton marvels at how God puts things in people's lives for different reasons, be it romance, children, and even friends. An on-brand tune for the season.


Keith Urban scored his first Number One with this song, "But For The Grace of God," which he co-wrote with Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's.

"But For The Grace of God" adopts a mid-tempo as Urban looks at the people around him and realizes that alhough they may materially have everything, they are poor in peace and love. But for the Grace of God, he would be like them too, he sings.



"Unanswered Prayers" does not only come as another song in Garth Brooks' impressive discography but as the fourth career chart-topper. The song tells of a man who returned to his high school and ran into his old flame.

He sings about how he never got her even though he wanted her and gratefully carries on about how God gives him what he needs but not always what he wants.



In this 2004 song, Pat Greene talks about how he knows where his true happiness lies — not in Hollywood Hills parties, winning a million dollars on a game show, or dating a supermodel or party.

Instead, Greene says he finds his real victory in living beneath the red, white, and big blue sky with a job, car, family, and friends and advice all, the love of a girl that never ends.


Lynn Anderson's version of this song, first co-written by John Bettis and Richard Carpenter, nearly reached the top (No. 2) of the country charts and even prompted the Carpenters to release it as a single as well.

The song brings its listeners a well-appreciated sunny message that prophetically speaks hope of the good things to come. Happy holidays!

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