Dad Shows off Hilarious Dances in the Background of His Daughter's School Video

An Oregon Isaac Jones father broke the internet when he showed off his hilarious dance moves in the background of his daughter's school video, which made way to her teachers.

The ongoing pandemic has brought about unfamiliar practices as regards schooling, hence the rise of homeschooling and virtual learning. 

With many parents struggling with the new norm, this particular father has chosen to make light of the situation, as seen in a viral video. An Oregon dad made headlines this month when a video of him hilariously bombing his daughter's school video.

According to his wife, Jennifer Jones, who uploaded the clip, explained that their daughter Delaney was in the business of recording her usual videos on her classroom app, SeeSaw when Isaac broke out his dance moves.

Isaac's intention when dancing wasn't to be viral.

Little Delaney was busy with her glues and glitter as she gave her viewers a tutorial of a craft project with Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" playing in the background.

Holding nothing back, Isaac sang along while demonstrating hilarious moves throughout the two-minute-forty-seconds clip. At some point, the doting father even employed the help of his other children.

The youngest was seen in his dad's arms bopping to the music. Despite the distraction, a focused Delaney kept on with her tutorial, only voicing her frustration once. She said:

"What is wrong with this family? I'm just trying to do peace and quiet art!"

Isaac's intention when dancing wasn't to be viral as he thought Delaney was doing one of her playful tutorials that she never uploaded to her teachers.

In the caption of the post, which garnered over 204,000 shares and over 30,000 likes, Jennifer poked fun at her husband, hoping that the teacher laughed as hard as she did.

The butt of the joke, Isaac expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming love, noting that he was thrilled to see other men tagging their other dorkish friends.

According to him, he intended to help other fathers take advantage of the pandemic and bond with their children on a silly level.

The quarantine has resulted in a lot of fun family dance routines thanks to the teenage app, TikTok. Examples include "Toosie Slide" by Drake, "Hit Yo Rollie," and "Blinding Lights" by The Weekend.

A similar hilarious story is about political science professor Robert Kelly who was interrupted by his playful kids while on an interview with BBC.

The clip went viral in 2017, and years after, Kelly seems to be facing a similar scenario with the pandemic. In an interview, the father-of-two admitted that he barely gets work done as his children only want to play.

However, with his wife, Jung-a-Kim 's help, who usually takes the children on walks to let them release energy, he manages to get some alone time.

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