Joy Behar Comforts Bette Midler Who Officially Turned 75, Says She Feels the Pain

Age is not just a number for popular actress Bette Midler, as she hits 75 with utter shock and worry. Despite her despair about her new age, TV host Joy Behar took to Twitter to congratulate her while acknowledging her pain.

After recently hitting the 75-years milestone on the first of December, former American singer-actress Bette Midler took to Twitter to share a rather disappointing tweet which read

"Yes, it's officially my birthday, and I am 75. How the hell did that happen?"

Bette Midler attend the 2017 Tony Awards on June 11, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images.

Bette Midler attend the 2017 Tony Awards on June 11, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images.

While many fans wished the celebrity a happy birthday, other fans related their similar experiences with the star's new age. Amongst fans who also felt sad over the new change is Joy Behar, who tweeted:

"I feel your pain, Bette. Happy Birthday."

In an attempt to help the popular actress feel better, a particular fan stated that he had reached the age of 70 and was aiming higher for 100 and intended to do so in good health.

Another optimistic fan tried to cheer her up by complimenting her while explaining that aging was a good thing because as a good woman gets older, she matures and gets better.

Despite Midler's obvious distress about her new age, the star has a lot to be grateful for.

This saying is true for 78-year-old Behar, who seems to be taking aging in stride. She recently got into a misunderstanding with Variety writer and author Ramin Setoodah who claimed that she was planning on retiring from the ABC talk show.

On hearing this, the longtime co-host, Behar, set the record straight on a particular Thursday morning's broadcast, explaining that she was not planning on leaving the show.

The 78-year-old agile beauty further said that the rumors of her leaving had been greatly exaggerated as she had nowhere else to be than on television. The same can be said for 75-year-old Midler.

The actress has shown the industry a great time with several mind-blowing works, including her performance of "The Place Where Lost Things Go" at the 2019 Academy Awards, which also got nominated for Best Original Song.

Midler also blessed the industry with her beautiful look-alike daughter, Sophie von Haselberg, the latter made her theater debut, playing a secretary in the movie, "Billy and Ray," at the Vineyard Theater.

The 33-year-old daughter has a lot in common with her mother besides acting, as the duo was spotted sitting side-by-side in the Machesa show's front row during New York Fashion Week.

While Haselberg rocked a sparkling silver dress with her long locks and strappy heels, the Golden Globe winner, Midler, sported a black lace top, black pants, and black heels as they enjoyed some mother-daughter bonding time.

Despite Midler's obvious distress about her new age, the star has a lot to be grateful for, from her family to her career. She also has several fans who are excited for her and looking forward to her future projects.

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