Rockwell Lloyd Is Lucy Liu's Little Son She Welcomed via Surrogacy — What Is Known about Him

Actress Lucy Liu, best known as Joan Watson in the TV show “Elementary,” is the proud mother of a five-year-old son named Rockwell Lloyd, born via surrogacy.

In late-August 2015, Lucy Liu made headlines after welcoming her first son, Rockwell Lloyd, via a gestational carrier. Shortly after the kid was born, Liu took to Instagram to share a photo of her adorably cradling him.

The baby news surprised pretty much everyone, especially because Liu has always kept her private life away from the spotlight, and almost nobody knew about her surrogate’s pregnancy.

Lucy Liu on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images

Lucy Liu on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images


Months after Lucy Liu’s son's birth, she revealed that surrogacy seemed like the “right option” for her as she was working a lot and didn’t know when she’d stop.

Apart from that, the actress admitted that she felt as if she’d taken an aphrodisiac during the first few months of motherhood because she was “totally in love.”

However, as time went by, she became more planned and organized due to her more rigorous schedule. Liu also pointed out that she asked for “a lot of help” so that her son could be comfortable with and without her.

During those early years, Rockwell Lloyd followed something similar to a work plan, too. In the mornings, Liu would take him to rehearsals, and he’d be next to his mom during hair and makeup.

You don't have to have a traditional family.

When Liu had to go on set, she’d hand her son over to his baby nurse, who'd take care of him for most of the day. According to the “Charlie’s Angels” star, that schedule was good as Rockwell could see different faces.

In a different interview, the actress pointed out that she didn’t realize people were critical of how she expanded her family until her friends told her.


Even with all the negativity, the actress paired up with Tylenol for their How We Family campaign, focused on showing people that there’s not just one right way to have a family. She said:

“Tylenol is encouraging other people to share their stories and say, 'You don't have to have a traditional family. It's how you love your family.'"

In August 2020, Lucy Liu and Rockwell Lloyd made headlines again after the actress shared a rare photo of him on social media to honor his fifth birthday.

The post showed Rockwell wearing a white shirt, red shorts, and a colorful birthday hat while blowing out his birthday candle. She described her son as a “rainbow of light.” Liu is doing a great job as a single mom.

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