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Daily Joke: Policeman Pulls over a Car Full of Old Women

Pedro Marrero
Dec 10, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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There is not really much to worry about a group of old ladies going through a highway at too low at speed, but when things go to the other extreme, only a miracle would stop a disgrace from happening.


A policeman pulled over a car that was going too slow on a highway, and that he found out to be occupied by a group of old women. Talking to the one behind the wheel, he asked why were they going so slowly.

“Ma’am, the speed limit on this highway is 55km/h. Why are you going so slowly?” were the words uttered by the police officer. “I saw a lot of signs that said 41, not 55,” replied the elderly woman.

A police car patrolling the city with its flashing lights on. | Image: Pixabay


Understanding the woman’s confusion, the police officer proceeded to explain to her what she had gotten wrong the first time, telling her, “Ma’am, that’s the name of the highway, not the speed limit.”

The woman laughed off her own embarrassment over her misunderstanding of the traffic signs, and she considered the conversation to be over after saying, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be more careful next time.”


The officer also thought the episode to be over and was about to return to his police car when he noticed an expression of fear among the other old ladies in the car.

Addressing the old driver one more time to make sure that the group wasn’t up to anything irregular, he asked “Ma’am, what’s wrong with your friends?” to which she answered, “Oh, we just got off Highway 201.”



This time it was an elderly man on foot who caught the attention of the police, with an officer stopping him for a few questions after finding him wandering the streets late at night.

After being asked where he was going at such a time, the man answered, “I am on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late.”

The back of a police officer in uniform. | Image: Pixabay.


The officer was clearly surprised and impressed by the old man’s articulate answer, but that doesn’t mean that he believed a word that the old wanderer said, so he tried to find out more.

“Really? Who’s giving that lecture at this time of night?” said the officer, believing that he was going to put the man in evidence, and never expecting that he was going to reply, “That would be my wife.”


Police officers can be very strict and day after day in the fulfillment of their duties they probably run into this kind of baffling responses by civilians that are in some way or another breaking the law, however unwillingly.

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