Woman Kicks Brother-in-Law Out of the House Because He Ate Her Stock of Prepared Homemade Foods

A Reddit user was angry and had a disagreement with her mother-in-law and brother-in-law after he and his girlfriend went against her orders and raided her home of all the food.

A Reddit user fell out with her mother-in-law and brother-in-law after a rather unfortunate incident. The Reddit user and her husband bought a cabin in the woods and moved in there for the last two months to fix it up.

On the other hand, while they were working hard at fixing up the cabin, they allowed her husband's brother and his girlfriend to live in their house in the city, as they just moved to the area and were still trying to find a house.

A woman standing by the window. | Photo: Pixabay

A woman standing by the window. | Photo: Pixabay

In exchange for living in their house rent-free, the Reddit user asked her brother-in-law and his girlfriend to keep the house in order and instructed them to stay out of the cellar.

The cellar was full of preserved food, as well as a chest freezer filled with already-prepared homemade food. Things seem to be in order until the husband and wife returned to their home.

The Reddit user went into the cellar to grab what they would have for dinner, but on getting there, she found the place to be almost empty. She was livid.

They cleaned out nearly 75% of the freezer & most of the preserved food, and she was almost certain that they did not go grocery shopping for once in the two months that they stayed in the house.

Nearly all the stores were open, and they were capable of going out in public. Seething with anger, the Reddit user could not put a number on the amount of time she spent growing, preserving, and cooking all the food.

She got so angry that she kicked out her brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Her husband, who understood her plight, agreed with her and told his brother that whatever she says will stand.

Following the exchange, the Reddit user's mother-in-law jumped in to defend her son and his girlfriend. The mother-in-law accused her of overreacting and called her unkind names.

According to the mother-in-law, neither the Reddit user's brother-in-law and his girlfriend know how to cook and told her to cut them some slack.

Personally, the Reddit user was certain that she would not take such behavior and believes that she was not the person in the wrong in this situation. 

She wanted nothing to do with either her brother-in-law or his girlfriend until they apologized and paid for all the food that they ate. Still, she wondered if she truly was overreacting and wrong.

Here is a similar story about a woman who kicked her mother out of her recently-inherited house after she called her disgusting.

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