December 11, 2020

Daily Joke: A CEO Walks into an Office

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Office dynamics and everyday life are the sources of many curious and hilarious situations with which most of us can relate in one way or another, and bosses are frequently the best subjects for office jokes.

The two following jokes show that sometimes people in a certain position of power don’t necessarily know what they are doing and are only maintaining the appearances until some unfortunate incident puts them in evidence.

No matter if it is someone that founded his or her own company or if it is someone that was appointed as the boss by someone else; the fact is that when you lose the respect of your subordinate by doing a silly thing, it’s all over.


Businessman wearing a suit. | Image: Pixabay.


The CEO of a very important company once walked into an office holding a sheet of paper in his hand, and he turned to the man that was sitting next to the shredding machine to ask him for his help.


“Do you know how to operate this thing? I have an important paper here and I want to make sure this is done right,” the CEO asked one of the company’s employees, having lost touch with the most basic tasks of the job.


Not wanting to contradict the company’s big boss, the employee simply answered the question that was done to him in the best possible, so he proceeded to say, “Sure. Just put the paper in here and press this button.”

Trusting the employe, the CEO did as instructed and stood there not clearly understanding what the shredding machine was doing, until he said, “Great. And where do the copies come out?”



This second #jokeoftheday, also brought to you from Stars at 60, also takes place in an office building, and it stars a young businessman that had just started his own firm, ready to take the business world by storm.

On his first day as the head of the firm, the young businessman proudly sat at his new desk when he noticed a man walking in from the outer office, so he couldn’t resist playing the hotshot.


The young businessman rapidly picked up the phone and started to pretend that he was making a very important deal over the phone that kept him from talking to the recently-arrived man.

After saying big numbers randomly and promising great deals to the imaginary person on the other side of the line, he apologized to his visitor and asked him how could he be of help.


Trying his best to hold his laughter, the visitor made the young businessman feel the biggest of embarrassments when he revealed what he was doing there, saying “Yeah, I’ve come to activate your phone lines.”

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