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Daily Joke: One Day a Boss Called the House of His Employee

Pedro Marrero
Nov 03, 2020
07:00 P.M.
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The boss of a key employee of an important company wanted to contact him, but instead, he had to go through an excruciating telephone conversation with a seriously mischievous child.


The boss of a big company was in urgent need to contact one of his employees when there was an emergency involving one of the company’s big computers, so he went on and called to the employee’s home.

“Hello?” the voice of a child said on the other side of the line, immediately causing the impatience of the busy boss, who didn’t want to waste his time talking to a child. “Is your daddy home?” the boss rushed to ask.

An executive talks on the phone from the office. I Image: Pixabay.


Following an affirmative answer from the child, the boss requested to talk to the boy’s father to discuss their work-related issue. But to his surprise, the toddler replied with a whispered “no.”

With the hope of at least been able to leave a message for his employee with an adult person, the boss proceeded to ask the child if his mother was around, to which the child once again responded affirmatively.


But again, when the boss went on to ask if he could talk with the child’s mother, the child also said no. The answer made not much sense for the boss, since he found it unlikely that the child was left alone at home.

“Is there anyone there besides you?” the boss asked, growing increasingly frustrated about the impossibility to reach his much-needed employee, to which the child, still whispering, said, “Yes. A policeman.”


Curious about what had made the police show up at the employee’s home with no other adults around, the boss tried to get some reliable information and asked the child if he could put the policeman on the phone.

“No, he’s busy,” whispered the child. “Busy doing what?” the boss asked. “Talking to Daddy, and Mummy, and the fireman,” the child continued whispering, to the boss’s growing concern.


While the boss thought of something else to say to this boy to convince him to put an adult on the line, the desperate man heard what sounded like a helicopter on the other side, so he asked the child about the unusual noise.

“The search team just landed the helicopter,” the child whispered, almost casually, rising the alarms of the baffled boss, who insisted on knowing what was going on, and why a search team and a helicopter were needed.


After taking a dramatic pause to wait for the sound of the helicopter to become more distant, allowing him to answer the questions of the poor company boss, the child replied, giggling, “They’re looking for me.”

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