December 11, 2020

Here's the Accidental Tweet Queen Elizabeth's Twitter Account Deleted Minutes after Posting It

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Nobody is above social media mishaps — not even the Queen. The British Royal Family's Twitter account shared a very odd tweet, which was deleted minutes after, leaving followers confused and amused.

Accidental posts can happen to anybody and, most recently, anybody included the Royal Family. On the morning of December 10, followers of the Royal Family's Twitter account found a rather odd tweet.

The tweet was deleted minutes later. Royal Blogger Gert's Royals tweeted: "An accidental tweet from  @RoyalFamily was up for 6 mins, during which it received 1,260 Likes & 591 retweets."

Queen Elizabeth II attends a state banquet at Brdo Castle on the first day of a two day tour of Slovenia on October 21, 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia | Photo: Getty Images


Included in the tweet was a screenshot of the odd and unexpected tweet in question. The accidental tweet from the Royal Family's account simply read "Thanks."

However, since many did not expect that sort of tweet from the account, it raised eyebrows — many eyebrows. It was amusing to see that even the British Royals are not immune to the woes of occasional social media mishap.


As one would expect, social media users jumped on the opportunity to make light of the accident and fired out responses to the regal appreciation even though it was unintended.

One user joked that it was about time that they got some recognition. Another responded to the "thank you" message with a "you're welcome," while casually referring to the British monarch as "Liz."

The British Royal Family is not the only Royal page that has raised eyebrows recently on social media this month.


While the British Royal Family page follows the activities of the Queen and her family in general, other Royal pages include Clarence House, which follows Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Another page, Kensington Royal, is also dedicated to providing updates on Prince William —who was recently revealed to have a special way of saying goodbye to the Queen: "Bye Gran" — and Kate Middleton.


The British Royal Family is not the only Royal page that has raised eyebrows recently on social media this month. Earlier this month, Clarence House suddenly limited the ability to comment on posts.

Only those the account follows or those who are mentioned in the tweet can reply. According to PEOPLE, the palace confirmed that they restricted comments become of certain replies they have received on posts.


These replies were said to be abusive and, as such, were against the Royal Family's social media guidelines, which do not permit the posting of abusive comments.

The harsh comments were said to have sprung up in response to the fourth season of "The Crown," a show about the Royal family which is currently airing on Netflix.

They were also reportedly aimed at Camilla as the season focuses primarily on the highly publicized love triangle between her, Prince Charles, and the late Princess Diana.