January 17, 2021

'Lucifer' Star DB Woodside AKA Amenadiel Has an 11-Year-Old Daughter — Meet Dakota Tao

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DB Woodside, who plays Lucifer Morningstar’s brother Amenadiel in the Netflix supernatural series "Lucifer", is the proud father of a daughter.

Actor DB Woodside is best known to fans from his work in the NBC miniseries "The Temptations," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Suits." His latest role is the angel Amenadiel, Lucifer Morningstar’s brother in the Netflix series "Lucifer."

What many may not know is that Woodside's proudest achievement is being the father to 11-year-old Dakota Tao, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend  "Girlfriends" actress Golden Brooks

D.B. Woodside at SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts at Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego, California | Source: Getty Images



Back in 2008, Woodside started dating the stunning Brooks, and within a year, the couple announced their pregnancy. Brooks and Woodside welcomed daughter Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside on September 1, 2009.

The couple declared that they were head-over-heels in love with their baby girl, but sadly, by the time little Dakota was one year old, their relationship had ended.



Both Woodside and Brooks have been very discreet about their break up, and there seems to be no animosity between them. They seem to be devoted co-parents to their daughter.

The two actors are doting parents to Dakota who isn't so little anymore. At 11, she is a lovely young lady who looks a lot like both her parents, which basically means she's gorgeous.

Since their break up 10 years ago, Woodside and Brooks have kept their personal lives out of the limelight


From what we can tell from the many posts mom and dad proudly share on Instagram, Dakota is a bright girl, with a great sense of humor and a lot of style.

In one of her posts, mom Brooks shared a snap of Dakota in her Halloween costume, dressed up to the nines and beautifully made up, and revealed that she had done her own makeup.


Since their break up 10 years, ago Woodside and Brooks have kept their personal lives out of the limelight and their main concerns seem to be their daughter and their careers.

Brooks reunited with her "Girlfriend" castmates Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones, and Persia White in an episode of "Black-ish." Brooks revealed that she's open to doing a movie version of "Girlfriends."

Woodside has been kept busy by "Lucifer," where his role as an angel has garnered a huge fan following. Alongside his work on "Lucifer," Woodside has also kept busy guesting on "S.W.A.T." and the "Suits" spinoff, "Pearson."