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August 09, 2020

Golden Brooks of 'Girlfriends' Ages like Fine Wine — See Her Ageless Beauty in Recent Pics

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It seems like Golden Brooks does not know how to age! These new selfies of hers prove that she is just as beautiful as she was all those years ago when she played Maya Wilkes in "Girlfriends."

Golden Brooks treated her fans with brand new selfies and they are convinced that the actress has discovered the antidote to aging. 

In an Instagram post, Brooks showed off her natural glow in a couple of selfies. She looked stunning with minimal makeup on and her blonde highlighted locks cascaded over her shoulders. 

Golden Brooks attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Girls Trip" on July 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images



"I woke up like this," the actress joked in the caption. Her fans flooded the comments section to gush over her ageless beauty and praise her. 

It's been over a decade since Brooks starred as Maya Wilkes in "Girlfriends" as the diligent working assistant and a doting wife and mother. 


The show went off the air in 2008 and frustrated fans asked for a movie or a reboot of the show. According to Brooks, she can fully understand why people could not get enough of it. 

Brooks and her "Girlfriends" squad reunited in 2019 for an episode of the ABC sitcom, "Black-ish."



In an interview with ABC News Radio, the actress revealed why she thinks people yearned for the show which is dubbed one of the most influential Black comedies on television. She said:

"People still are fighting for this movie, or a reboot of the show, because they're still really honestly...thirsting for this. I think black women especially." 


When ET asked about a potential reunion of the show's cast, Brooks said that it is not really up to the actresses. "You never know! I love my girls! That was eight years of our lives," she added.  

Brooks and her "Girlfriends" squad reunited in 2019 for an episode of the ABC sitcom, "Black-ish." Back then, Tracee Ellis Ross excitedly tweeted the good news and fans could not be more excited. 


"Girlfriends" aired for eight wholesome seasons on UPN. The show was especially loved by Black women because it represented a variety of characters and diversity. 

Besides the hit show, Brooks also starred in a similar UPN sitcom, "Moesha." Although the shows appealed to two different audiences, every viewer could relate to at least one character.