December 14, 2020

Woman Kicks Sister Out Because She Tried Flirting with Her Husband

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A woman who invited her family to her matrimonial home on her birthday weekend changed her mind after noticing her younger sister, Emily, paying amorous attention to her husband.

A 27-year-old female took to Reddit to share an uncomfortable experience she had with her family, which involved her 20-year-old sister Emily, her husband, and her parents.

In her late twenties, the woman said she had started a relationship with her boyfriend turned husband back in her college days when her sister Emily who was 13-14 years of age, started crushing on her boyfriend.

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The woman further explained that Emily would blush and stutter while talking to her husband. Still, the lovely pair thought it to be a behavior that would change as the teenager grew because her husband saw Emily as the sister he never had.

After years passed, the woman and her husband lost track of Emily's lifestyle as she schooled in a different state on the other side of the country. On a particular week, the woman's parents, together with her younger sister, Emily, visited her and her partner in their house for the 27-year-old's birthday weekend.

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From the moment Emily got into the house, the 20-year-old started flirting with her elder sister's husband while giving excessive compliments. Following this awkward situation, the woman, her husband, and her parents felt rather uncomfortable.

Although it was difficult, they managed to scale through dinner. After the evening ended, the woman's husband confronted her, asking if something was wrong with her sibling and why her younger one behaved that way.

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Not at ease with the happening, the woman found her little sister alone and talked to her, saying it was fine if she crushed or was still crushing on her husband, but it was not acceptable to make him uncomfortable.

The woman added and advised that her sister kept her distance from her husband for the remaining two days they stayed with them as he wasn't happy with her attitude.

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Denying the allegations, the 20-year-old female replied that she was not being flirty. After being told by her elder sister that it was inappropriate to flirt with her husband, Emily flared up in defense, claiming her sister was being insecure.

Still on defense mode, Emily added that if she was really flirting with her husband, her sister would not stand a chance against her. The statement infuriated the woman, and she told her younger sister to leave the house first thing the next day as she was no longer welcome.

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Following her elder sister's declaration, Emily, together with their parents, left the next day even though their father initially asked the younger one to apologize to her sister's husband.

While her father, together with the woman and her husband, saw the strange happening, their mother didn't share the same opinion as she felt everyone was being delusional.

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In relation to the woman's reaction to the situation, her mother thought it was a lame decision to throw Emily out of the house, together with herself, knowing they had traveled all the way to the state she lived in.

While some Reddit users supported the woman's action, other users believed reverse would have been the case if Emily was male. Here's another interesting story about a woman who did not defend her husband when her parents berated him.