ET Online: 'The Voice' Winner Carter Rubin Gushes over Coach Gwen Stefani & Their Bond

"The Voice" winner Carter Rubin spoke to Entertainment Tonight online and gushed over his bond with his coach Gwen Stefani, who got her first win through him this week.  

In a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, the nest winner of "The Voice" Carter Rubin gushed over his coach Gwen Stefani and the bond the two had formed over the course of the show. 

Carter was announced as the season 19 winner of "The Voice" and his win on the show allowed Gwen Stefani, his coach to receive her first win ever. 

He spoke to Entertainment Tonight's Cassie DiLaura about his win and he admitted to her that he was still in shock. He credited his win to Stefani and her coaching, calling her phenomenal. 

Carter explained that he was a big fan of the show and about a year ago he had made a joke to his family about being on the show and being able to sing a duet with Stefani, as he said

"I was joking about it with my family, like, 'Imagine that I get on the show and get to work with her and sing a duet with her,' and literally, my dreams came true."

His wish of dueting with Stefani came true when they sang her Christmas hit, "You Make It Feel Like Christmas", in matching Christmas themed outfits. Carter wore a green suit and Stefani's dress resembled a beautiful christ mas tree. 

The pair put on a brilliant performance, of course, the team's greatest moment was when the host of "The Voice", Carlson Daly announced the 15-year-old as the winner of the show!

Carter shared that he hoped to make an album, and takes inspiration from artists such as Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran.

Stefani had been blown away by his performance during his blind audition and pledged to be a mother figure of him as she has a son similar to his age, and said that this fact would make it easy for him to be comfortable around her. 

He ended up picking her as his coach and the two formed a strong bond. He revealed in the interview that she was a genuine and down to Earth person who truly believed in him, 

"She definitely wanted the best for me, she's worked so hard to get to this point. She just really believes in me, which means the world."

Carter is amongst the youngest of the contestants to have won the show, and is the youngest male to have ever won "The Voice." Season 14's winner, Brynn Cartelli had been 15 when she had won too. 

All of the final 5 contestants put on a beautiful and powerful show for the final this week, however, Carter rose on top, beating the other four contestants, Jim Ranger, Desx, John Holiday, and Ian Flanigan.

Carter shared that he hoped to make an album, and takes inspiration from artists such as Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran, and to have a record make it worldwide would be a dream for him. 

The Four coaches will return for another season of "The Voice" in 2021 and there is no doubt that it will be filled with amazingly talented singers such as this year.

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