Tia Mowry Dropped 68 Pounds after Giving Birth — Photos before & after Her Transformation

Tia Mowry has come a long way with her post-baby body after giving birth to her second child, Cairo. The star takes pride in going at her own pace and has since shed an impressive 68 pounds.

“Sister Sister” alum Tia Mowry is known for her showbiz career, and after fans watched her transition into motherhood, many recognized her for being real about being a mom. 

When Mowry has her second child, Cairo, she made it known that she was willing to go at her own pace while encouraging many other moms to adopt a similar method.

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict attends "Hollywood Today Live" on January 3, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict attends "Hollywood Today Live" on January 3, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Now that she has achieved her post-baby goal, the star could not be any more proud of doing it her own way. Here is a look through her body transformation.

To celebrate her impressive fitness goal, she took to Instagram to share an image of her trim body in a chic outfit. Mowry, 43, rocked a grey turtleneck sweatshirt and a pair of ripped bum shorts that gave fans a view of her flawless toned legs. 

The star made it known in her caption that she was glad she went at her own pace without feeling the pressure of snapping back right after delivery. She shared in her caption:

“I’ve lost to date 68 pounds since giving birth to my daughter. I’m very proud that I did it my way, and in my time… “I enjoyed breastfeeding…”

Going on, Mowry, a former child star, took the moment to praise moms while addressing those who felt pressure to gain their snapback body with urgency. The TV star made sure to remind them not to care about what the naysayers felt. 

It is safe to say that Mowry has first-hand experience with naysayers because she endured fat-shaming from trolls during pregnancy and post-birth. In one of her revealing Instagram shares, Mowry bared it all and called out the trolls.

The TV star shared her infertility story just like she did with the body image positivity updates.

The mom-of-two revealed how some social media users chose to criticize rather than show love and understanding. The actress went rhetorical, asking why people use hurtful words. She wrote:

“...intentionally documented my journey and became vulnerable to show #women that it’s okay to go at your own pace, it is okay to love yourself...”

Presently, Mowry has two lovely kids and runs a blissful family life. Besides having to face trolls on body image, the star went through infertility struggles after doctors discovered abnormal growth around her uterus.

This is referred to as endometriosis, and Mowry ended up undergoing two surgeries to have the growth taken out. She also worked on her diet, staying clear of food that could cause more inflammation. 

The TV star shared her infertility story just like she did with the body image positivity updates to reach out to women going through similar challenges as her way of showing them love and encouragement. 

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