Woman Refuses to Use Daughter's College Fund for Her Stepson's Rehab

A woman who refused to use her daughter's saved-up college funds to help her step-son's rehab program to battle his addiction wants to know if she's being selfish. 

The woman in question took to Reddit to tell her story. She wrote that she and her husband have been married for three years now. She has a 15-year-old daughter while he has a 24-year-old son.

She noted that she is good friends with her step-son, but they are not extremely close. His biological mother is still alive, and the poster doesn't have any intention of replacing her. 

A photo of a worried woman with her hand's on her head. | Photo: Pixabay

A photo of a worried woman with her hand's on her head. | Photo: Pixabay

The poster welcomed her daughter from her first marriage. Unfortunately, her daughter's father died when she was 6, but they contributed to their daughter's college fund before his demise.

Her daughter's paternal grandparents also added some money, and at the moment, it sums up to $180,000.  The woman noted that her daughter is incredibly bright and has the potential to go to an Ivy League school and perform excellently there.

Her daughter's teachers have also told her of her capacity. The poster can't imagine financial lack holding her daughter back from enjoying good education; hence the plan she and her late husband put in place. 

Currently, she and her husband have separate finances, so he doesn't contribute to her daughter's college fund, and the poster is okay with it. At the moment, the poster's step-son is struggling with heroin addiction.

As a result, he has stolen jewelry, money, electronics, and several things from her and her husband to purchase the substance. She once paid $1000 for an outpatient detox, but it failed.

Her husband also paid for another outpatient rehab program that costs $6,500, but that also failed because her step-son refused to show up. The boy asked for another chance, and this time, the woman split the $6,500 bill with her husband.

He recovered during the program, but after it ended, her step-son relapsed. The poster has spent so much money on her step-son and feels exhausted. Now, her husband wants to try his hand at a 60-day inpatient rehab program that will cost $30,000.

The poster has no idea where he would get such a huge amount given that they have spent thousands of dollars on him and have no valuable property as everything has already been stolen. 

Her husband came to her to ask for her daughter's college fund, but the poster found it insane. She couldn't understand why her daughter has to suffer for her step-brother's addiction and feels it's unfair to her late husband, and her child's grandparents.

Also, she doesn't believe spending $30,000 would make any difference. Her husband thinks she is selfish for putting her daughter's education first and began calling her names.

To make things worse, her husband approached her teenage daughter to ask for the $30,000, but she didn't give him a response. He got upset with the young girl and accused her of being self-centered.

After the conversation, the daughter told the poster that she didn't want to give the rehab money but feels guilty because of the husband. Now, the poster is pissed at him for emotionally manipulating and guilting her daughter.

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