December 31, 2020

Dad in Canada Sat 30 Hours in Tattoo Studio to Match His 8-Year-Old Son's Birthmark

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A Canadian dad has warmed the hearts of many after getting a tattoo to match his eight-year-old son's large birthmark. Though the masterpiece took 30 hours of pain, the devoted dad did not seem to care.

Not every father would be willing to endure hours of pain for their child, but Canadian dad Derek Prue Sr. set the standard after sitting through 30 hours of pain to get a tattoo to match his son's birthmark. 

Eight-year-old Derek Prue Jr has a large birthmark on the side of his stomach. While this might not seem like a big deal, the little boy became self-conscious, and his dad was inspired to do something about it.


A photo of a father and son overlooking a crop field. | Photo: Getty Images

Derek Sr. explained that he decided to get the tattoo after his son insisted on wearing a shirt at the pool. The doting dad added that he wanted his son to know he was not alone.


To bring his dream to reality, Derek Sr. ended up at the Juicy Quill tattoo studio in Stony Plain, where tattoo artist Tony Gibbert brought the masterpiece to life.


Though the doting dad was willing to go to any lengths for his son, he did not know how long the procedure would take or how painful it would be. 

Derek Sr. would later learn that the rib cage is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, but that did not discourage him from achieving his goal.

In 2017, a devoted dad named Richard Davies got a tattoo similar to his baby boy's heart surgery scar.


In the end, the project took about 30 hours, extending over six to eight weeks. Derek Sr. admitted that the process was indeed painful, but it was worth it.

When asked if he will now take his shirt off at the pool after seeing his dad's tattoo, Derek Jr. said he would as long as his father is there with him.


While Derek Sr's sacrifice for his son has indeed inspired many, the doting dad noted that being able to do something special for his son felt rewarding.

This inspiring story is not the first time fathers have shown what they would do for their kids. In 2017, a devoted dad named Richard Davies got a tattoo similar to his baby boy's heart surgery scar.

Like Derek Sr., Davies got the tattoo to show his baby that he was not alone in the world and that dad would always be there to remind him of that.

Indeed not all heroes wear capes, and for Derek Sr. and Davies, these two are undoubtedly superheroes or, in this case, super dads!