January 02, 2021

Looking Back at the Very First Christmas Gift Kate Middleton Gave to Queen Elizabeth

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Finding the perfect gift for someone who is a queen and probably has anything money can buy is quite a daunting task. However, Duchess Kate pulled it off the first time she gifted the Queen.

In 2011, Duchess Kate officially became a Royal Family member when she married Prince William. Part of joining the family meant she had to take part in their gift-giving tradition.

In a 2016 ITV special “Our Queen at Ninety,” Kate confessed what it was like to spend Christmas with the Royal Family. She shared how she recalled being at Sandringham for the holiday.

Kate Middleton leaves Younger Hall after her graduation ceremony on June 23, 2005, in St Andrews, Scotland | Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images


The future mother of three children noted how she was worried because she didn’t know what to get for the Queen. Admitting to the stress of the task, William’s wife shared her trail of thought stating:

“I was thinking, ‘Gosh, what should I give her?’”


She then had the clever idea to give the monarch what she would give her own grandparents. Kate then decided to make the Queen something even though she was aware her plan could go completely wrong, adding:

“But I decided to make my granny’s recipe of chutney.”


Naturally, she was concerned about whether her present was well-received or not. Then the following day she saw her gift sitting on a table and that meant the Queen was pleased with her present.

The chutney’s recipe was shared in 2012, in the cookbook “Celebrate,” which was written by Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton. It includes onions, apples, and zucchini, and is called “Granny’s Marrow Chutney.”


The recipe includes simmering 4 lbs. of zucchini with a mixture of onions, raisins, brown sugar, malt vinegar, and other seasonings for 2 hours. Kate’s also given Prince Harry, William’s brother, a special gift before.

Meghan gave William a spoon that had “cereal killer” embossed on the utensil.

Before Harry started dating Duchess Meghan, Kate presented him with a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” kit! William’s wife has also been on the receiving end of gifts from the Queen over the years.


She has received several Royal Family heirlooms since becoming a part of the family. One of the biggest gifts, after her wedding to William, was Anmer Hall which is situated on the Sandringham estate.

Meghan also had the difficult task of gifting William something outrageous when she spent her first Christmas with the royals in 2017. She gave him a spoon that had “cereal killer” embossed on the utensil.