Inside 'Black-Ish' Star Tracee Ellis Ross & Her Mom, Diana Ross' Relationship through the Years

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross shares a unique bond with her iconic mother, Diana Ross. Their beautiful relationship has been evident to the public throughout her rise to stardom. 

Tracee Ellis Ross has established herself as a seasoned actress with her work on the ABC sitcom, “Black-ish,” earning her several accolades. However, her impressive talent wasn’t all that put her in the spotlight. 

The award-winning actress is the daughter of music icon and vocalist Diana Ross. Despite having her impact in a different industry from her famous mom, Tracee never fails to showcase the sweet bond she shares with Diana. 

Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 24, 2019 in California | Photo: Getty Images

Diana Ross & Tracee Ellis Ross at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on February 24, 2019 in California | Photo: Getty Images


Tracee was born in October 1972 to Diana and music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. At the time, the “I’m Coming Out” crooner was establishing her career as a solo artist after her split from The Supremes.

Tracee wouldn’t be the star that she is today without her mother's help.

She was also venturing into movies, so she had a lot on her hands. However, that didn’t stop the renowned vocalist from being a hands-on mother. In an interview, Tracee recalled how her mother was always there for them.

She attended their school events and always sat with them during daily dinners. In the event that she toured, Tracee noted that Diana never left her and her siblings for more than a week. 


Although Tracee found fame as an actress, she has proven that she is indeed her mother’s daughter when it comes to her vocal skills. In her 2020 movie, “The High Note,” the 48-year-old put her singing skills on display playing singer Grace Davis.

In an interview discussing the film, Tracee revealed that she was terrified of showing the world she could sing because she was afraid of being compared to her mother. 

Eventually, after recording the hit track, “Love Myself,” she drove to her mother’s house and sat in her car in the driveway as she played the song. The moment was an emotional one for the mother-daughter duo.

The actress recounted that her mother teared up out of relief that she finally let her talent out for all to witness. In 2015, Tracee also showed that she is indeed her mother’s replica when she did a remake of Diana’s music video for “Work That Body.”


Despite making a name for herself in Hollywood, Tracee wouldn’t be the star that she is today without her mother's help. The Golden Globe winner disclosed that although she grew up in the spotlight, Diana didn't raise her with a silver spoon

Her mother made sure they had no sense of entitlement and always explained that hard work was behind her success. According to Ross, these life lessons helped her work her way to the top and in her portrayal of Rainbow on “Black-Ish.”


Tracee didn’t only take her mother’s singing talent and breathtaking looks, but also her impeccable fashion sense. The actress once revealed that she goes to her mother’s house to steal clothes from her wardrobe.

In 2017, Tracee paid tribute to her mother when she recycled Diana’s iconic outfit from 1981 when the singer twinned with the late Michael Jackson in a white suit and sparkling shirt ensemble.

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