December 29, 2020

Princess Charlene of Monaco Shares a Cute Festive Photo — See Prince Albert with Their Children

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The Festive cheer was well and truly alive in the Palace in Monaco as Princess Charlene shared beautiful pics of her son and daughter with Prince Albert. The Royal Family has replaced some Christmas traditions during the pandemic. 

Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco shared a family Christmas photo of her two children with their father, Prince Albert. The three of them are in a giant room with green walls, historic paintings, and a beautiful green and white carpet. 

Behind them stands a magnificent Christmas tree adorned with red and gold ornaments as well as Christmas lights. The tree has been positioned on top of a round, red carpet.  


Princess Charlene of Monanco following the civil ceremony of her marriage to Prince Albert on July 1, 2011 in Monaco. | Photo: Getty Images.

Prince Albert was clearly inspired by Santa's outfit, dressed head to toe in red. He wore a red jacket, pants, and crocs. A red Santa hat sits on his head with a pair of reindeer glasses to complete the festive look.


Their 6-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella stand in front of their father, who is seated in front of the tree, as Princess Charlene captions the photo: 

"Merry Christmas to all our friends and families, love you all."

Prince Albert of Monaco with his twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabrielle on Christmas Day, 2020. | Photo: Instagram/Her Royal Highness Princess Charlene


The Royal Family has forgone many Christmas customs due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This includes replacing the annual Christmas party held at the palace (which was started by Grace Kelly) with a gift distribution outing in early December. 

According to Palace staffers, all the villagers look forward to meeting members of The Royal Family at the palace, as it speaks to their sense of community. 

Prince Albert was diagnosed with Coronavirus in March.


Princess Charlene made quite a splash at the gift distribution outing, showing off a new half-hawk hairstyle. She abandoned her lighter shade for a darker blonde, shaved one side of her head, and wore it in a side-swept fringe.

She had concealed the new hairdo under a black beret at a boat christening ceremony earlier in the day, which was attended by the whole family. Princess Charlene shared the moment on Instagram with the caption:

"The baptism of the maritime police boat. Named Princess Gabriella. Congratulations my baby girl."


It's nice to see the Royal Family present themselves in a more fun and relatable setting. This past November, they debuted the Family Christmas Card, which contained a lot more of the pomp and ceremony befitting royalty.

Princess Charlene looked regal in an ice blue dress, standing next to her handsome Prince. Princess Charlene wore a pink tulle outfit, seated on a chair next to her brother. 


Prince Albert was diagnosed with Coronavirus in March. As a result, the Prince made it clear that the holiday season would be a lot more low key, with them seeing family in small numbers and staying put between Monaco and Roc Agel.

The virus also impacted the twins' 6th birthday on December 10. Where they usually would have their classmates visit the palace, this year saw the twins have a quiet afternoon arranged for them with a limited number of invitees.