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Man Refuses to Allow Brother's Fiancée into His Home — Here's Why

Oyin Balogun
Jan 17, 2021
06:20 P.M.
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A worried man took to Reddit to ask users if he was right for not allowing his brother's fiancée, whom he named D, into his home.


People do not choose who they are born into the same family with; however, one can choose who they allow to stay in their lives. This was the case for this man who threw his brother out of the door.

According to this man, he is the older of two brothers, but he wasn't close to his brother due to some unfortunate circumstances. The narrator's parents got a divorce when he was young.

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However, they left a lot of money for himself and his younger brother to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, his younger brother, whom he called J, soon squandered his fat share of the money thanks to a girl, D, he met in high school.

D, who was J's girlfriend at the time, was quite bitter and chased everyone away from J. However, after the writer's brother left high school, he went to a college chosen by his girlfriend and stayed away from friends and family.

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According to the writer, his brother stopped visiting home and only came home when he needed money or a favor from their mother. Being the giving person that she is, their mother always welcomed him and provided for him.

This didn't make J any nicer, and he was always mean and cold towards their mother every time he did not get his way or what he needed from her.

His mom got a hand of this information and called him, stating that he did not handle the matter well.

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Things went from bad to worse when the writer visited his mom one day and met her crying. Apparently, she invited J to dinner with her during his winter break, and he declined.

Not only did he decline, but he also gave the phone to D, who insulted their mother and questioned why she needed her son to drive two hours just to come and see her.

This infuriated the writer, who called his brother and exchanged words with him. He also clearly told his brother he did not want D around him anymore.

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Years later, the writer got an apartment with his girlfriend, and his mother told his brother J. J called and apologized for his past behaviors; he also asked if he could come over and see the new place.

He agreed and told his brother he could come to see him whenever he is in the area. One lovely day, his brother came with D to visit him in his new apartment.

However, typical D spoilt the mood when she retorted that the writer should apologize for wronging them in the past, and she was only there cause she heard he was ready to take responsibility for the things he did and said.

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This got the writer angry, and he told her to leave his home. His mom got a hand of this information and called him, stating that he did not handle the matter well.

This got the writer wondering if he did the right thing or not. However, people assured him that he did the right thing, with most stating that they could never allow anyone to disrespect or make their mother cry.

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